Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sixth Sense

It is just disgusting how children know when you really want to get something done. My children have been blessed with this particular sixth sense. I have been trying (unsuccessfully) since Monday to paint my bedroom.

It all began when I learned that Todd would be in Denver for a few days with his Studio class. I imagined it to be the perfect time to complete a home project and surprise him with a beautiful new room to sleep in when he arrives home. He gets home tomorrow!!!!

Monday was okay, I started when the kids were down for their afternoon nap. I got two of the stripes on the wall and began cutting in with the light blue...but it turned out to be gray, so I had to run to the store to have them make the color more blue.

When I returned home, I shook the brown paint to begin a second coat on the stripe....but the lid flew off and so did the paint!!! All over the carpet. Thank heavens the carpet was in bad shape and we got most of it up (Melissa was in town and helped out). With all of that over, I began painting, again.

The kids woke up! Which meant, feedings, changing diapers, playing puzzles and giving them their undo attention.

Yesterday I got absolutely no painting done as I enjoyed a session at the Laie temple in the morning and the afternoon was spent straightening up the house (it doesn't look like I did much today).

So, this morning the kids woke me up bright and early at 5:30. I gave Abi her bottle, Connor his milk and cereal and turned on Clifford the Big Red Dog. I just knew that this would give me at least an hour to get some painting done. It did...but then Abi needed to go down for her first nap which only lasted 30 minutes. Since that time, I have tried 5 times to go back into the bedroom and paint, but if I leave the kids vision, Connor comes whining at the baby gate until I come back out into the central area of the home.

So here I sit typing...they don't mind this, because it is unproductive and useless, but something that is very important to me and needs to get done within the next 24 hours...they find ways to avert my attention.

Gotta love them though...especially with the cute faces they've got.

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Brooke said...

What a fun surprise to get a little message on my brand new blog from you!! Thanks! So excited to find yours too. What BEAUTIFUL kids you have, I could just squoosh their cheeks all day! Yay, we can be blog buddies! :) Good luck finishing your painting adventure. See ya later!