Sunday, April 15, 2007


This exhaustion has really gotten to me. So please bare with me as I ramble about my Saturday. I woke up bright and early and got the house cleaned, laundry done and the kids and myself ready. I was tuckered out and ready to take a nap, but I couldn't. We were off to a baby shower at the beach! It was just what I thought Connor needed to get totally wiped out enough so that he'd take a long nap at home. By noon, he was acting cranky and I knew that was my cue to get him home before he got past the sleepy time.

Sure enough, he fell asleep in the car! Yeah! When we got in the door, I put Connor into his bed, fed Abi, and then she went right down for a nap. Hallelujiah! I took a nap too! It was fantastic. I love to sleep..okay, I don't really love to sleep. It annoys me that I can't get as much stuff done as I am accustomed to. I am way behind in my wedding album (like there's a deadline for a book that I haven't even started in 8 years!) and I have completely dropped the ball on fixing any meals in the house that don't involve unwrapping, putting on a plate, and pushing a button on the microwave. But, in order for me to make it through the day in a sane manner, I have learned to relish my sleep.

So when we all woke up, Todd was a little stir crazy from being inside (he didn't go to the beach, he stayed home and did homework). We loaded up the mini-van (that FINALLY got fixed...another blog entry). I had our plans all layed out for us. We went to the Ward Warehouse to look at kites. We have really wanted to get one and fly it for Connor, he would love it (so we think). After we looked at the way too expensive kites (Costco has nice ones for $11 right now, we'll just go there) we began my dinner dream. Dairy Queen.....butterscotch dipped ice cream cone. Orange Julius....signature drink. Spaghetti Factory.....take out of their Spaghetti with Browned Butter and Mizithra Cheese (regular craving this pregnancy). I enjoyed my meal in the car while Todd continued to his place of eating, McDonald's. Connor began to tell the person taking our order what he wanted, "chicken fies, chocate," She was listening, and asked him if he wanted a boy or girl toy, he screamed, "boy." Todd got a healthy salad.

Once home, we fed Abi and put her into bed and popped in a movie for us all to watch. Connor and I fell asleep during the movie (does that come as any surprise...hellooo! I'm an takes a lot of energy). When the show was over I carried Connor into his room and put him into bed. Then I dazed into bed myself. We heard this whining at our door and it opened and a sad voice cried out "shoes off." In my sleepiness, I had forgotten to not only take off Connor's shoes, but I hadn't changed his diaper or put him in his pajamas. We got him squared away and back into bed, when at 10:00 Abi woke up, I put the binky back in her mouth. 11pm, Connor joined us in bed. 2am, Abi woke back up, I layed down with her till she fell back asleep and put Connor back into his bed, only for him to say "mommy" I knew he wasn't going to sleep in his own bed and I was too tired to fight it. Abi woke up at 5am, raring and ready to go for the day. I gave her a bottle, ignored her and let her play in her bed. At 6am, Todd asked me why I had put Abi to sleep on her stomach...I hadn't...she rolled over and got stuck. So then the whole household was awake. I told them to all go into the living room and watch a movie...I needed more sleep. I got it!

Today's Sunday. We'll see how it goes. These days are always so unpredictable.

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Heather said...

Wow, Mel, I'm getting tired just heraing about it! Keep up the good work!