Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Where should we live?

Todd will graduate in May of 2008, and we don't know where we will end up after he gets that coveted piece of paper. My friend, Heather, told me about this website that has a quiz you take that gives suggestions as to where they calculate the best place for you to live. I gave it a try...here are a few of the suggestions it gave for me:

Chattanooga, Tennessee (and about 6 other cities in Tennessee)
St. George, Utah (this was the only city in Utah it gave me)
Tuscaloosa, Alabama (and three other cities in Alabama)
El Paso, Texas (that was obviously for you, Karie)

Click Here if you want to take the quiz yourself.

We have lived in Texas and would be willing to go back. Todd served his mission in Alabama, I wouldn't mind seeing it there, he raves about the beauty all the time. I have never been to Tennessee, maybe we'll go there next! But in all actuality, we will end up wherever Todd can get work...thus far he has options in Washington, Utah, Massachussetts, Texas and here in Hawaii.


Heather said...

Wow, crazy connections I have with your blog!! Chattanooga Tennessee was in my mission, it's a beautiful city with a huge river going through it.
St. George is the best place to raise a family in the world (I'm biased!)
And Alabama was in my mission too, I loved it there, but it is VERY southern. I'll clarify that in an email so the KKK doesn't find this and come after me.

onebusylady said...

I think you should come back to BOSTON! (Except that the cost of living is as high as Hawaii but the weather is not as nice) We miss you out here.

FindYourSpot.com said...
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Anonymous said...

Helloooooo! No one needs a stinking survey to know that you will be moving my grandchildren to Salt Lake. End of decision.