Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Listen up

I chose this picture because it looks like Abi is making the gesture to listen up...we have something interesting to say!
I am tired, I have a headache and I have come down with a have the little ones. Abi has it the worst and spent the entire night waking up every hour or so, which meant I woke up every hour or so.

Bless her little heart, I have given her medicine and tried to lay her down to nap three times today, but to no avail, she can't sleep. I thought maybe it was teething or maybe even an ear infection, but the runny nose, sneezing and coughing have me convinced it is a cold.

My aunt sent me an email a little while ago that told about a Canadian Dr.'s findings on Vicks Vapor-rub. I was at wits end and thought I would try out their suggestion. Here is how it goes:

If you or your child have a persistent cough, rub vicks vapor-rub on the bottoms of your feet and place socks over them, lay down to sleep and within 5 minutes your coughing will go away and you will be able to sleep soundly.

It worked! I rubbed some on Abi's chubby little feet, placed socks over them, bundled her up and laid her down for a nap (this was the 4th time). I have not heard from her! Yee-haw! I will definitely use this again until she gets better. A peaceful home to ease my headache. I'll try it on myself tonight too, to see if it is just a coincidence or what.


Shay said...

We also do the Vicks on the feet trick too. It works wonders! I'm so glad that Abi is now sleeping. I hope you get feeling better!

Heather said...

Oh Mel, I am sooo sorry to hear it! I thought being sick + pregnant was hard, but then to have sick kids too, I'll have to keep you in my prayers! I had no idea about the vicks trick, thanks for the tip.