Thursday, June 7, 2007

Angel or Demon?

What a difference a day can make!

Yesterday was the most wonderful day ever with my little Connor behaving so well. Let me give a few examples:

1)I was unloading the dishwasher and Connor came over, he began to hand me the items for the dishwasher and I put them in the right spot. When we were finished, he proclaimed "All done!" and shut the dishwasher door.

2)While I was vacuuming the living room, we played our regular game of "chase" when he took the vacuum from me, pushed me to the side and took over the job.

3)He needed a glass of milk, so he took the carton out of the fridge by himself and carried it into the living room and set his sippy cup down on the floor to pour himself a glass. I intervened and filled the cup for him.

4)Connor was watching a show and heard the trash bag being tied and ran into the kitchen, grabbed an empty box of cereal and opened the door to go to the trash bin. I wasn't planning on taking out the trash at that moment, but his encouragement led me to follow and the trash got taken out as soon as it was pulled from the can instead of sitting next to the door for a day.

5)Abi was a little bit sad so Connor grabbed her arm and tried to drag her into the living room to read her a story. When he finally got her attention he began to tell her about the items in the Curious George Color book, never once mentioning a single color.

Today is a completely different story. Little Conster Monster woke up at 5:30am. Todd brought him to our bed, and instead of falling back to sleep like he usually does, he began to whine and threw himself on the floor, unable to tell me what he wanted.

I carried the little man into the kitchen where he finally used a word..."cheerios". We didn't have cheerios, we never have cheerios and when we do, he doesn't eat them! So instead, I gave him some Life cereal. Another melt down, this time on the kitchen floor. So I poured a cup of milk and took them into the living room in front of the TV to watch Sesame Street. He just whined the whole time.

I sat down next to him to put my make-up on. Instead of battling the "no, this is mommies make-up, you play with this block". I just let him play with the make-up. Sorry, I now he is a boy and shouldn't be doing these things, but it allowed me 5 minutes of no whining. He looked beautiful when he was finished. My make-up, on the other hand, has little finger nail scratches in the blush and eye-shadow!

My sister-in-law Angie called, and while on the phone he just whined, but eventually got hold of a pencil and a crossword puzzle book. He colored in the book...and after the phone call came to me and took my hand to go an "see a fwog". He drew a "fwog" on the front door! I congratulated him on drawing such a beautiful frog, wetted the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and he went to work cleaning the door.

The whining started up again. I asked if he had a dirty diaper, no answer. So, I just laid him on the ground, changed his clothes and put him in a "fwog" shirt. Nothing is making him happy.

It's like all of a sudden he can't communicate at all. It's only 10 am and I think I have counted 5 melt downs. One was at the door asking for Gracie to go and play. We'll be seeing her in 30 minutes. Hopefully that will be the cure and I will have my little angel back.


Heather said...

That is such a cute little clip of Connor! Sorry to hear it's been a tough day...I hope you get your little helper back soon too. :)
You're my hero.

Heather, Dan, and Family said...

Hello there. Aren't blogs great. Your day sounds familiar. I kept wanting to ask Grace all day "Do you remember how to speak English?" It makes me crazy how sometimes she can talk and understand and other days it's nothing. Oh the joys of motherhood.