Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Check These Out

Some girls that I went to high school have been blessed with a creative gene and the spirit of entrepreneurship! How I admire their crafty skills.

Jaime has started a website selling the CUTEST little hair things for girls. I can't wait till payday, I am definitely getting something for little Abi's hair. Jaime will also custom make anything to match the outfits that your girls already have. Need a shower idea? She sells a set of detachable bows with a stretchy headband!
Blue Dandelion is the name of the shop. Give it a glance!

Katie and her sister (The Golden Girls) are selling digital scrapbooking kits (I know some of you have not caught on to this phenomenon yet, but you must!). My personal faves...the desktop calendars! What an ingenious idea.
GG Digital Designs is where they can be found.

Happy shopping!


hij-me said...

Hey Mel- Thanks for the props on your blog! Yea..I know...My daughter is so weird, she has hardly ever gotten into stuff her whole life! I totally bought all this child proofing stuff and have never used any of it! Nothing I did, trust me. I wanted to give you a heads up... I am about to put a bunch of cute new things in my shop so don't get anything yet. I got some cute new colors. I have had a busy week so things are kinda sparce in there right now. send me a pic of any outfit you want matched too! Good talking with ya

koryandkatie said...

Hey, thanks for the "advertising"! Isn't digital scrapbooking THE BEST? I love it! Hey, can I put the link to your blog on mine? Have a good day!