Friday, June 22, 2007

Dad's Hat

Connor loves his dad's hat. So he can be found wearing it around the house often...along with anything else of dad's that he can get his hands on (Todd's briefcase is pictured here).
He regularly has a melt down each day in search for his daddy. Thank heavens we live in the day and age with a telephone and he can call his dad and explain to him the ins and outs of the day.

One visit with his dad and the melt down is over. Aren't dad's the best.


ariches said...

We've got some great set of dads, don't we!!!

Heather said...

Oh, cute. That should make Todd feel better since Abi is favoring you so much, right??

Mel said...

Oh has gotten so much worse. The other night we fed the missionaries and I gave her to Todd and she screamed bloody murder! Everyone keeps saying it's a phase. I sure hope so.