Friday, June 1, 2007

Happy 9th Anniversary

The smell of sweet white ginger is filling the air in our little home! Todd gave me this bouquet of flowers for our Anniversary. Let me tell you, we know how to party. It's sad, really, when you go out of the way to find a sitter on a week night and by 7:30, you're both too tired to do anything else.

We went for dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House!!! YUMMY! Afterwards we took in the shock of how much our delicious meal cost and decided spending any more money for the evening might not be a good idea (rent was due in two days). However, we stopped at Old Navy and got Todd some PJ's and Abi a swimsuit (all on sale). Romantic, I know. We showed up at 8pm (an hour early) to pick up the kids and retired to bed watching old episodes of Hawaii Five-O.

Sidenote about Hawaii Five-O, mom, we have some DVD's with the episodes that Grandpa was in! We'll send them to you when we finish watching them, it's pretty cool seeing him like that.

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Heather said...

BEAUTIFUL flowers, wow, those are cool! Way to be different, Todd. Is that the steak house you told me about? I love steak. Glad you had a fun night.