Monday, August 6, 2007

Mi Vida Loca

Life is certainly crazy right now. You'll most likely hear all about it, but not until the time is right. A few of the tidbits I can offer are these:

*Last Monday Todd went up to the school to speak with the Dean about a few concerns he had and to get together with an advisor to discuss his dissertation topic. In the one hour he was there, he learned that the Assistant Dean had changed, there was a new dean of the Architecture School and probably the biggest blow of all...As of May 2008 the NAAB (National Architecture Accreditation Board) is rescinding all ArchD's from the University of Hawaii.

What does this mean for us? Simply put, if Todd does not complete his ArchD (dissertation) by May 2008, we will walk away from our educational experience here at UH with NOTHING. They will not offer a Bachelors, a Masters or anything.

Many of you who have gone through programs like this realize that you usually have to defend your thesis/dissertation a semester or so after you walk. We don't have that option any more.

*The Financial Aid office has decided that we have "exhausted our funds". This means no more student loans. Do they not live in they not know how expensive it is to live here? Todd's loans for the next year will easily cover his tuition and 5 months rent. We're supposed to be living here for 9 more do the math! The worst part is, how is having under $60,000 in student loans "exhausting" your funds? Uh, this is a Doctorate different than a Doctor or Dentist! AUGH!

So to help us get through the chaos and frustration of our lives, Miranda called and offered to watch the kids so Todd and I could go to the temple to sort things out and clear our minds. It was so nice to have an 1 1/2 of Todd all to myself on the drive up. We visited lots and talked adult talk and ate at McDonald's.

Of course the temple trip has helped to calm all of my nerves and I feel very good about what things will be happening in our lives and know that everything is going to work out just fine. I have been on cloud nine since our visit to the temple and am so grateful that Todd and I were able to go.

Then we took a very special trip to a project that Todd had been working on before we left Hawaii last year! He's been working for a local architect, and last year he was in charge of the Faculty Duplex Housing project at BYUH. My wonderful husband designed and drew up the plans for these houses (I know, to you mainlanders this is not anything great, but they wanted the architecture to remain "Hawaiian Style, A.K.A. ugly). He got to see one of his designs built! I am so proud of him. (thanks to my little sister Suzy, whom after reading this blog, emailed me pictures of the site that she took when the project was just beginning construction in October of '05) Here is the before picture:

And this is what the site looks like today (there are three of these duplexes on the lot)

On our way home from the temple we narrowly avoided being in a car accident while some drunk and high lady drove into the guard rail, then backed into it, then drove right into a mountainside. I got out of the car and ran up to her (she had her window down and was pushing in the air bag) and asked if she wanted me to call 911...her reply "oh no, whatever you do, don't call 911. Can you just help me push my car to the side of the rode?" She was very strange. Obviously not with it.

We spent Saturday on the North Shore at Shark's Cove. We dined under a Palm Tree eating none other than a fabulous Ted's Bakery Bacon Cheeseburger and Chocolate Haupia Pie! YUM!!! The water in the tide pools was like bath water and Connor even ventured to swim out on his own. He did pretty good the first few times, but by the 20th, he went too far and couldn't reach so he took in too much water.

On the drive home we stopped at Aoki's for a fabulous Shave Ice! I have to say, Aoki's is #2 to Waiola. I think the kids and I will walk there this afternoon to quench our palette.

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