Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Riches Family Halloween Party

Last night for FHE we all met as a Riches family (with the exception of Adam, Angie, Tyson, Porter & Kelli) and had a little Halloween Party. Tonya puts so much effort into it and the kids have the greatest time.

Connor was a pirate this year (Auntie Andrea made his costume) and Abi was a giraffe (Connor's first Halloween costume).

The evening got off to a very quick start with the kids separating into groups and putting together a skeleton. Connor had Whitney(the Tooth Fairy) as his helper and they did a great job. Then it was time for the "bone hunt". Bones were scattered around the house and the yard and all the kids were rewarded with little goodies no matter how many they collected. Next came the food!!! My favorite part...it was all easy finger foods and you would be amazed at how well each of those kids actually ate. Then the kids dove into a bowl of "brains and eyeballs" and had to dig out the eyeballs. Connor doesn't like to get his hands dirty..so he lost that game. The evening almost concluded with a donut eating contest. Once again...too messy for Connor, so he wasn't very successful (but cute). The guys took a stab at it too, it's always so funny when these brothers get together and do dumb things (which they always manage to do).

The best part was at the close of the evening some of the kids took their turns sharing Halloween poems and songs. I love those little songs "I'm a mean old witch with a hat" and so on! It was funny 'cause once they got going you couldn't stop them. Even the young one's hwo don't make a lot of sense took their turn standing on the "stage" and giving a monologue. Connor waited until everyone was gone to do his portion of the show.


Brittany Doll said...

Sounds like a fun night. I bet you are loving living so close to family again. Miles, also my oldest, hates to get dirty. Maybe it is an oldest/boy thing. and YAY that he is putting himself to sleep. That is so nice. And will be extra helping once Carly gets here.

Becca Olsen said...

Love the video's! I can't believe you only have 6 days left! I'm so excited. We really miss you guys! Hawaii just isn't the same! We are moving in to a new place this week! yeah! Take care.

Heather said...

HOW CUTE IS CONNOR!!! And that party looks like SO much fun, it's times like that that you're really glad to be in Utah, wouldn't you say?? Love ya. How bout a picture of your belly!!??

Emilee said...

That looks like such a great party! It's funny to see the Riches clan all grown up. Connor is too dang cute!

Live everyday to its fullest said...

Oh what a RIOT! Those Riches Men..too funny! And little Connor what a cute lil man!!! I miss family parties! I am so glad you guys are so close to family again, I think you all needed it! Love you lots and lots and lots!

Bethany said...

So cute!!! Halloween really is a fun holiday. THREE DAYS TO GO!!!! Take care of yourself!!!