Wednesday, February 20, 2008


photo taken of the mentioned "little man" during the most recent attempt at potty training wearing the top to the dump truck pajamas.

Picture in your mind, if you will, the image of an adorable three year old in his dump truck pajamas lying on the living room floor carrying on a conversation with his two parents in the other room. The two parents are hearing this, but not necessarily listening.

What are the parents doing while this little man is talking to them? They are both busily catching up on their daily correspondence. Dad on his laptop, mom on her desktop computer.

The one-sided conversation sounds a little like this:

"Alex change a diaper"

"It's a stinky"

"There's some poo-poo"


"Oh My Gosh!"

"And I a change a diaper"

"Go a poo-poos in the toilet?"

This conversation is nothing new to the parents. Since the introduction to the toilet and the many failed attempts at potty training the little man's "potty mouth" is common. Hence the reason the parents ignore this conversation as it plays out like a broken record from the other room.

Once the mom completed her nightly ritual of reading emails and other favorite blogs she entered the living room to check the boys diaper to see if his conversation had any grounds for existing.

To her shock and awe she saw what was first mentioned at the beginning of this post. An adorable little boy lying on his stomach...staring at a pile of doggy doo-doo just three feet from his face.

AAUUGGHH!!! So the mom, all while mumbling something about never owning a dog and wondering why this dog couldn't have taken care of this problem when she had just let him out three times in the last hour, grabs some paper towels and cleans up the mess...only to find another pile four feet in another direction!

Upon her return from the outside dumpsters, the little man is still carrying on this same conversation from the exact same position. He certainly doesn't smell as though he has a dirty diaper. The mommy lifts the back end of the diaper up to see if something is in sight necessary, her finger landed directly into the little mans doodies.

Now mumbling about the little boy she complains about how he can manage to do so much except use a toilet for the purpose it was designed for. Time to go change another diaper.


Brooke said...

Oh, what a poopie day. ;) I'd probably throw up if that happened to me at this stage in my pregnancy!!

Emilee said...


nicholeking said...

I'm feeling your pain! We've had fun with poop in our home lately too! Hang in there!