Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter Weekend

Yes, we too celebrate the Easter Holiday, however, I am late in posting pictures or telling stories about the event.

Last Saturday didn't get off to too great a start as I had spent 45 long miserable minutes at the Rec Center while Connor cried through his entire swim lesson. Yes, I am the mother with the child who hates swim lessons. After a while, I couldn't handle it anymore and I left the swimming area and went out into the foyer. I had high hopes that Connor wouldn't find me, but when I would look into the pool, there he was, staring straight at me and sobbing. Half of my heart broke for him the other half was infuriated. We come to the pool and he has a great time! Why is it that when thousands (okay, maybe 30) other parents are standing near with their perfect children that have no fear of the water, Connor can't handle it. AUGH! At the end of the lesson, I walked to the instructor with my head held down in shame and asked her what she wanted me to do. She said to just keep bringing him and leaving as soon as I get him in the water. Maybe if he doesn't know I am around, he'll d better. Tomorrow's our third attempt at lessons. I'll let you know the outcome. Now, to the remainder of our Saturday.

After we returned home, I got Connor changed and put him and all the other kids down for naps. They weren't in the highest of spirits, which meant that I wasn't either. The naps did all of us good.

2pm rolled around and none of the kids were awake. I was not about to wake any of them up either, so I mosied (sp?) on down to the Spencer Family Easter Egg Hunt. I helped disperse the candy and coin filled eggs in the front yard and we awaited the arrival of a few more cousins. In that time frame, Todd called and the two little girls had awoken and I walked to the Riches to get them ready. While getting them ready, Connor's little cousins ran over and helped to wake him up from his nap and he eagerly got out of bed and ran back to the Spencer's with the rest of the crowd.

I had purchased Abi this adorable little felt purse from a friend across the street and thought it would be fun for Abi to use it as her Easter Basket. Connor commandeered it and we found an Easter Basket just big enough to hold one egg for Abi.

Abi saw me tossing eggs onto the lawn, and so the single egg she found (that dad kept placing in her basket for her) continuously got lobbed into the air and she would just laugh with hysteria in her voice each time she threw it. Then dad would put it back in the basket and that kept her entertained for the whole activity. You can click on the picture to see a larger image of them

Connor shoved as many eggs into his purse as possible. His cousins were great to share their wealth and filled his purse with some of their finds

Carly just sat in the stroller all bundled up with no idea what was going on.

The afternoon turned out to be a complete success and the mornings frustrations were washed away. Phew!

The following morning instead of Easter Baskets (they had just had an Easter Egg Hunt the day before...what do they need another one for?) Todd and I had gotten each of the kids a small toy. Abi got an Elmo doll, Connor got Percy & Lady (trains) and Carly got one of those floor gyms.

No new Easter clothes either. Connor wore the suit my parents gave him for Christmas, Abi wore the dress she wore last year


and Carly wore a dress that was given to her from the baby shower in Hawaii. I know...I'm not too festive.

Todd and I participated in our ward Easter Program. We were both in the choir and we were the narrators for the program. It was absolutely beautiful, all scriptures that told the story of the week before the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. Our ward Choir director is phenomenal and has such a way with the group of unprofessionals that we are.

Now, this picture has nothing to do with anything...except to maybe remind me that, although my Abi doesn't always act like an angel, she sure can look like one.


Meredith & Company said...

Your Easter sounds perfect! Don't worry about not being festive...I had no idea how much work holidays were until I had kids! Ugh. They know how much you love them, and they'll have memories of the fun things you do together, not necessarily the actual holidays.

Also, just a word of encouragement with the swimming lessons. My little boy really struggled with being comfortable with the pool. He was 4 when we started lessons and he bawled his eyes out the first few times and I was convinced the whole thing was a complete mistake. But, he did get better with it, and by the end of the session he loved it. He's totally excited to sign up again this year. Don't sweat it because Connor's still young. He'll get better with it too. It's so hard! Good luck. I hope it went better today.

The Reading Armadillo said...

Your Easter looks fun. The kids are adorable. We should take Scooter and Connor swimming together, they sound like they react the same way to the pool.

Live everyday to its fullest said...

Oh the joys of swim lessons! Chloe hated them too...luckily I just decided to have my nest friend Aubre do them this year because I wasnt gonna stress out this year with another horrible set of swim lessons! Good luck!

Emilee said...

I am so impressed that Abby can fit into her Easter dress one year later and she looks SO GROWN up to me today! Sounds like a fun Easter weekend.

Miranda said...

Ha...she sure has you fooled!

All about the Benjamin's said...

Your kids are so darling...