Monday, March 17, 2008

Just Another Monday

Here's the run down from the last weeks many experiences:

Todd...still plugging away on his final three items to graduate. He's training for a marthon and is losing weight like crazy. Why is it that if a guy wants to lose weight, he doesn't have to do much but think about it and the pounds fall off, but if a woman wants to it takes the diet, the work out the self-guilt trips the pictures on the fridge, etc. etc. etc.

Mel...signed up for the Digital Scrapbooking Retreat which I am so very excited about. Of course, I am now seriously considering if I should really be taking a class like this. I registered three times...thinking that the other two times it didn't go through. Not too computer savvy, I'll really be needing those beginner classes. I got to spend some time at my friend Shawnna's house the other night and am now suffering from "own house envy." And on Saturday I went in search of some new brown shoes. I went to 4 different stores in search of the perfect shoes and came home empty handed (there is this certain pair that I want by Rocket Dog that I can't find anywhere). Todd was surprised that I didn't spend any money.

Connor...Started taking swimming lessons on Saturday. We took a little trip to the pool on Thursday with some friends and he did great. I was certain we wouldn't have any problems at all, but the more kids that came the more scared Connor got. He clung to me for the first half of the class and the teacher the remainder. AUGH! Next week we'll try it all over again. On Friday he met with a Speech can read all about that venture on his blog. He's also becoming very helpful. The other day I gave him some silverware to put at the dinner table, and wouldn't you know it. He actually did it...right! I was so proud. And then he had two helpings of salad for dinner. He actually ate vegetables (drenched in Ranch)! He's growing up so fast.

Abi...My clingy little angel slept all day Saturday. I mean ALL Day It was great. On Sunday she actually fell asleep in my arms and I got to just kiss and cuddle her like never before while she slept. It was glorious to get to hold that gorgeous little girl for so long. Then last night she woke up out of the ordinary for her. I brought her into the tv room to watch a show with Todd and I (the John Adams one on HB) and she just sat between us so still. Todd and I both knew that something must be wrong. This girl can't sit still for more than two minutes. Sure enough, she threw up this morning! So, hopefully it is just a 24 hour thing...we have plans to meet the Brady's at the Discovery Center tomorrow.

Carly...She's getting so big and squishy. She discovered her feet this week and hs also found her voice. So beautiful and squealy. There is no loss of love in her life. Abi and Connor dote on her and her daddy and I are always smothering her with kisses. Such a happy and rolly polly little baby. She has mastered sitting up (with the help of a large stomach to lean on and a soft blanket to fall on) for a whole 2 minutes!!! She has no idea what she is doing, but it looks cute.

There, that's our update! This week we are taking Connor to meet his Preschool teacher and get registered for that, Abi and Carly have Dr.'s appointments, I am singing with a choir for our Stake Relief Society Brithday party and a few playdates in between! Busy week.


Live everyday to its fullest said...

Yeah guys suck! The weight does just drop off! NOT FAIR!! Seriously I hate that! And poor Abby I feel her pain I threw up yesterday and I feel like crap! Poor lil one! And I hope she does feel better so you can see the Bradys tomorrow! I AM JELIOUS...give eachother a hug from me...I miss you guys so much!

Brooke said...

Congrats to Todd, that's so exciting!! And YAY that you're coming to Park City, I think it'll be a lot of fun. I will see you there. :) Always fun to read about your cute family and I love your header!! Have a good one.

All about the Benjamin's said...

It sounds like you all have been so busy! Your kids are so cute. I am glad that Todd will graduate in May, what a relief.. I told you my husband is an Architect? I know the thought of graduation being here is not soon enough.

As for the weight thing! You have that right, they can just say lose wait and bing it's done, why is it so hard for women..
I hope your little one feels better soon, it is not fun having a sick child.
Take care,

Weekes Family said...

Your kids are so cute! What a neat blog!