Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blooming Blossoms

Shortly after we return from Hawaii, I an hostessing a "Blooming Blossoms" party for my niece. Please accept this invitation and join us if you are interested in making an investment in her little company. The flowers start at $3 (I think) and go up from there.

My amazing niece is just 10 years old and has already been working the boutique circuit. Her flower clips are wonderful for the smallest head...or the biggest (I wear them quite often). I had posted a few pics a while ago of a few of the ones she has made for my girls. I'll post more a little closer to the date to entice you all! There will also be headbands for the wee-ones.

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Kat Clark said...

I just need to leave a comment about how beautiful Mel is! I had the privelage of getting caught outside the chapel during sacrament with her, which allowed us a minute to chat. And can I just say...beautiful! She looked so good and so happy and she was just glowing! I know Hawaii, husbands finally graduating, and no kids on vacation have the glowing effect on women but man she sure looked great. Even though we only got to hug that once and speak for about five minutes it was great to see her. She is just so wonderful and I am happy to know her! Now I hope alot of people read this post because I am writing it to potential readers as a bragging right! ;)