Wednesday, July 30, 2008


These are some photos of the finished painting job done on my sister-in-laws kitchen.

We spent Saturday at Tai Pan shopping for decor for the walls and made everything co-oordinate by painting her existing frames black.

Spray paint has become my newest best friend.

Last night I spent the evening at my favorite printer's home watching him (I tried to help, but he enjoys what he does too much to allow me to screw something up) mount the printed pictures on foam-core, cut and place in the FREE frames that I spray painted white.

This morning, before the kids woke up, I hung the pictures, which in turn woke up the kids. I am having some vinyl cut to go under the "gallery" type pictures in the hall.

I am a little concerned about the photos above the fireplace. I think it is too busy and am considering just spray-painting the original wreath that was there white and moving the collage of frames to the wall just in the entry. What do you think?

We are amidst potty training right now. Once I came to grips with the fact that my kids (and myself) just aren't cut out for the boot-camp and potty-train-in-a-day techniques, I am handling it very well.

Yesterday Connor even managed to actually make it to the toilet in time for one major accomplishment. Abi wet and doodied through 9 pair of undies. Today is another day. No success yet. I am just very grateful that the kids like being outside (less clean-up), the basement is unfinished (little clean-up) and that the kitchen has laminate flooring that each of the kids have gotten really good at cleaning up on their own.


Angie said...

I really like it but it does look busy compared to the blank walls on both sides. I think it would look better if they all had the same amount of space around them. I don't know, your the decorator.

Emilee said...

LOVE the gallery photos of the kids in the hallway! I'd move the ones from above the fireplace, it is a bit busy. Maybe you could just have 1 or 2 of them there & move the rest somewhere else. Or move them all if they need to stay together.

Anonymous said...

About the fireplace art - throw them all out except for the one on the lower right. Who is that FAT MOOSE anyway? BTW: I like your printer! He does good work.

Mel said...

Thanks...My printer has a very sarcastic sense of humor. I think the two of you would get along swimmingly! That Fat Moose would be me. You could never afford my printer...DAD!

The Reading Armadillo said...

I think your place is looking so good. I can't wait to come by again and see what you've done. I totally feel for you with the potty training thing. What a pain. Good luck!

Heather B said...

I LOVE the gallery picture hall!! Fabulous! Yes, I agree with you and everyone else. Too busy above the fireplace. and I dread the day of potty training. If I had a nanny to change every diaper, I'd probably postpone p=ting until 5 years old.

Live everyday to its fullest said...

First off I LOVE the pics of the kids! Super cute! ANd yes it is WAY too busy above the fire place. I suggest picking one...or MY idea was to do a family pic in B+W like the one in sugar house and placing that up there...then find some cute tall candle holders and candles to place on one side of the pic and like a cool funky vase on the other side! I miss you terribly, it was such a tease seeing you for one day! I MISS my friend. We loved your house and are soooo happy for you guys!!!!