Monday, July 28, 2008

Jewelry Party

A friend of mine from Hawaii (Shirley Chu) is in town right now. She is dabbling in the jewelry business and asked if I would hostess a party. It is not Lia Sophia, so it hasn't been completely saturated here yet. The company is called Premier Designs Jewelry. Check out their designs on-line and if you are interested in anything, please comment and let me know. I will email you and give you the address and directions to our house.

The party will be at my home (Murray/Taylorsville area), this Thursday, July 31st. An early showing will begin at 4:30pm with a presentation at 6:00pm at which time the party will officially begin (with refreshments!!!).

Please don't feel obligated. I can't really afford any "bling" of my own right now, so I won't be making any purchases, personally. I'm just the supportive one giving a friend a chance to get started.

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