Thursday, July 10, 2008

Moving In

I inherited a beautiful set of china from my grandmother and spent one afternoon unpacking it and placing it in my wonderful kitchen cabinets. These wrappings were what was surrounding each and every plate, goblet, bowl and teacup. It felt just like autumn, I wanted to run, jump and land in the pile...however I weigh a lot more now then I did when I was a kid and the hard floor underneath would have hit me faster than the fluffy looking stack of papers.

The move went ever-so smoothly thanks to a wonderful group of family members who got us all moved in in just one night. Of course, our beds didn't arrive that night and we kept our Riches family tradition alive by spending our first night in our new home on the floor. Every time we have moved somewhere, we have had to sleep on the floor with Connor in between us. Nothing like getting things started off in a familiar direction.

The children are adjusting as well as you could imagine. I don't know whether to blame their moodiness on the move or their "developmental progress" because of their ages. Connor started off sleeping really well in his own room, but last night he tried to join us in our bed. Abi is sleeping like a log all by herself in the basement...just the way she likes it and Carly has started to sleep through the night.

We don't have any more unpacking to do, just "homemaking" and a few other accoutrements necessary for living in a home (you have to understand...we had NOTHING). So I think I will be hitting up garage sales for the remainder of the summer to get things like a spatula, cheese grater, sautee pans, etc. There have been many kind people that have given us things to fill our drawers and room and I just want to say "Thank You!!!!"


The Reading Armadillo said...

I can't believe how fast you got everything moved in. Your house is SO cute!

Meredith & Company said...

Okay, now that you're all moved in, you need to put up a full house tour! I'm so excited for you!

Hey, I'm making my blog private this weekend. I want to be able to stay in touch with you, so leave me a comment or send me an email at and I'll send you an invite.

Jaime said...

It is Jaime (Chris' wife). I found your blog through Angie's and Linda had been telling me about it. I might have some stuff that you could use for your house, I will have to look through it though and see. Our blog is Glad to hear that you guys have moved in and are able to start getting settled!

Beckie and Rob said...

yes! I'll be home at the end of aug...we should be living in provo for a little bit! I miss you and love you!! im soooo glad you loved the song!!

Kat Clark said...

Yay for moving in and getting unpacked! Glad you are all settled and starting to make your house your home. With all your creativity it will be like one giant adorable scrapbook page in no time! :)