Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Being A Mom

It ain't easy (I have gone on almost two weeks of uneasiness).

Yes, Abigail is trying to hit me in this picture.
That absolutely beautiful girl has been giving her parents some major headaches (I thought it was just me, until Todd confirmed the same frustrations this evening after a night alone with the kids).  Who knew that something so small and pretty could be so devilish.

But I will try to do a better job of clinging to the moments where it is entertaining.


Nik said...

Those are some darn cute kiddles!!! Even when she's trying to smack you a good one!

Danielle said...

Mel, are you still watching kids? I am possibly looking for someone...email me either way or post on blog. daniahlquist@yahoo.com

Jaime said...

I do agree cute pictures, even if in some of them they aren't doing what you want. I have some pics of Lucy being mad, and everytime I look at them they make me smile! I love the one of Abi crossing her legs and reading the book so grown up like! Maybe we will see you guys at Grandpa's on Christmas Eve if you are there!

Celeste Weekes said...

They are so cute... even if they cause a bit of trouble sometimes. Belle has been going through that hitting phase... ugh... no fun! Your kids are so beautiful!