Monday, December 29, 2008

Yes Friends, there is a Blogger

Life is just life and I am just Mel.

Often times I am busy, most times I am swell.

December has brought with it so many a different feeling.

None of which I really was prepared with dealing.

Tomorrow will be my last day at my theraputic job.

I am heartbroken and afraid my mind will become a blob.

But dear old Todd has assured me that it is for the very best.

He thinks that as a mother I will rise above the rest.

So here is to not letting him down, a new year is soon comin'.

Thanks for hanging with me and I'll try to stay up and runnin'.


Emilee said...

Sorry to hear about you quitting- that Gardner Village is a quaint place, but your home is much cozier!

Becca said...

This leaves me begging for details!

Arlene said...

You could always start your own business writing poems? J/K - cute bit though.