Friday, January 16, 2009

Giving Carly Credit

My dad called yesterday informing me that I need to post more pictures that portray Carly's true personality (I emailed a slideshow with the major events from 2008 and in almost all the pictures Carly was crying). She is not much of a crier, so when she does cry...that's when the camera comes out).

So here are a few of her when she is in her normal content state (for you dad).

And of course, I can't play the other kids in my life:


Celeste Weekes said...

Oh my heavens! Your kids are so beautiful!

Becca said...

Carly is an absolute doll and I love how Todd is listed with the kids!

Margie Vance said...

You are HILARIOUS! I love how you threw in that picture of Todd... miss you lots!

Heather B said...

Oh MEL! I am just getting caught up on your life, and my goodness, when it rains it POURS! I am so sorry to hear about everything. I have been going through that pouring time and humbling time and it's NOT fun, but now I am just starting to see that I really was learning through it all. Hang in there and keep smiling that beautiful smile. I love ya. Carly is too cute for words, what a doll.

Jaime said...

Hey Mel,
Just wondering how the cupcakes were for you?? Hopefully they were what you were wanting! Let me know when you get a chance! Hope everything else with the party was lots of fun for Connor!