Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This One's for Jay

I like to spend the quiet afternoons (ha ha ha, like I have too many)sitting at the computer looking at entertaining videos on-line with my kids (we don't have cable or even the basic channels). Having had enough of Playhouse Disney, I turned to a few of the faves on YouTube. Of course, this will always remind Todd and I of our time in Hawaii with the Baird's and all of the fun trips we took to the outer islands. We miss you Baird's!

Connor watched it for the first time today and got such a kick out of it. He kept laughing and telling me that there was a "silly lion" and wondered why there was a frog. Oh how I miss The Muppet Show. By the way, we are missing two of our Muppet Show DVD's, if you have one, will you return it?

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thejbairdbeat said...

I love it! Thanks for thinking of us! Gabby was dancing around the whole time it was on. Loved the "Lullabye in Birdland" tribute. Mahnahnahnah!! We miss you too. We don't have any of your Muppet Show DVDs. Sorry. I would love to return it if we did. :)