Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Big Project

There is a big project underway in our household (I LOVE a project). On Saturday I stripped the heart wallpaper border from Abi's walls. Suprisingly, it went very quickly and came off without a hitch. I think the whole thing was done in 15 minutes flat.
This picture was taken when Todd and I were touring the home at the time we were purchasing it. Abi does not own that many porcelain dolls, nor has she ever been given roses....or been alive long enough to dry some.

I am covered in wood-stain as I have just finished staining Abi's bed.  It's been a fun project bringing her 80's captain's bed into the 00's (is that what we call it?) with a fresh coat of stain.

I tried to find a good picture of what the bed looked like before (I didn't take a before shot...lame).  I did, however, use yet another one of the photos from when we toured the house (yes, they left us these beds...for which I will always be grateful).

The plan is to paint her walls "pumpkin" tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.  I have to give myself three days to paint her small room because there will at all times be small feet running between mine.

Saturday, during General Conference (I like to have a project to keep my hands busy while listening), I will be aided by my dad (the stencil maker) and my mom (the pro stippler) as we paint two trees in her bedroom, like this:

Then I will sew some curtains (found the most perfect fabric today...too bad the price is a little bit pricy...I may have to alter the style of window treatment) and paint some DI Find frames and her room will be done!  I'll show you the pictures and post again when the room is finito!


Farmer Family said...

Good luck! I would love to see it when it's done.

SSBenjamins said...

WOW! That is going to be great. I cannot wait to see what you have done when it is complete~ you need to come and design my house next :)

Miranda said...

Can't wait to see it! Love the fabric!

Confessions of a 30-Something Drama Queen said...

You are so creative and handy! I love your creations.

holly said...

Can I hire you to come decorate my house? I've been getting the urge to create lately, but am feeling overwhelmed at where to start or what to do. I always love seeing what you've done. Also, I'd love to hear your tips on decorating on a budget, since we don't have a ton of "extra" money.

Good luck and hope you enjoy the weekend. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Janel Ogden said...

I know its going to turn out great! She's one lucky girl to have a mom create such a great room! The bed looks fantastic now! We definitely need to make a new quilt to help show it off!

Farmer Family said...

I hardly have the art of parenting perfected; I don't know if that'll ever happen! The great thing about pictures is you can capture a moment (a relatively calm one). We are doing the best we can though as we work on adjusting to having two kids :) Luckily Chase has been a mellow baby so far, and Hailey hasn't had too many meltdowns. Thanks for checking in on us!

Lindsay said...

I cannot wait to see it! I love projects like this! I am sure it will be amazing. You are so creative Mel and you have great taste.