Friday, March 20, 2009

They Call Me Mom

I just wanted to share some photos of the little ones in my life who make it possible for me to be a mom. I hope that I do not come across as one who does not enjoy being a mother in my posts. I do love being the mother of these three beauties. I have tried to make it a goal to make each of my kids laugh at least once a day, and heaven knows that they make me laugh at least once a day. They are each so very different and I am so grateful to have them in my life.
Abigail asked Connor if he wanted to ride a horse...he flattened her. It reminds me of this post.
This was when we were all sick with the same horrible flu/cold. It's not very often that they are all this close together at the same time to capture a picture.
Those magnetic gears on the fridge have got to be one of the greatest "toy" purchases I have ever made. Connor was hiding his design, for fear that I might mess it up. Who, me?
Don't you love how Abigail has lined up her doll, sippy cup and McDonald's toy to watch PBSKids by her side. And yes, sweet, sick Carly is hanging out in the background.
Abi found my lip gloss, helped herself to it, and then shared some with her "gummy bear", she calls it her gummy bear because of this video clip her Papa Bud showed her.

I am at an absolute loss as to what to do with Carly's crazy hair during this "growing out" phase. Most days, she looks like this. Only on Sunday's do I take the time to wet it, scrunch it, blow-dry it, then style it. I am the mother of a rag-a-muffin.


Margie Vance said...

Your kids are sooooo adorable! I can't believe how grown up Abi and Connor are! Wow!

Heather B said...

Those pictures are all so sweet! As soon as you said it reminded you of another post, I remembered Connor riding Abi like, how time is flying!

Miranda said...

Is Abi okay in the last picture? I don't think your kids could get any cuter. I love when they talk to me on the phone. It really makes my day.
Love ya!

Infarrantly Creative said...

Stinkin cute kiddos you got there. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes I will be doing a tutorial on my kitchen cabinets probably by Wednesday this week.

Confessions of a 30-Something Drama Queen said...

These are great pics. You are a fabulous mom! You give me inspiration.

Janel Ogden said...

I love the pictures! I wish I had a bathtub big enough for me to play in! Looks like Carly and Abi were having fun! I think you're a great mom!