Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Carly's Room

On Monday, I didn't have any little ones to watch and still no car.  So, I did the next best thing (besides cleaning the house and doing laundry), I started another project.

It all started with good intentions of cleaning Carly's room, I mean, REALLY cleaning.  Sorting through baby clothes, putting away winter stuff, bringing out springy clothes (ha ha ha, it's snowing today) washing baseboards and changing her bedding.  There is a wall in her room that has been bugging me for a while.  It's this one:

So, I pulled out some white paint and got to work painting a tree on that wall, so that the birdhouses don't look like they are floating on thin air.

Then I took the heart shelves that were hanging in Abi's room and hung them in Carly's room. But then I discovered that I needed things to go on those shelves, so I pulled out my stack of scrapbook paper and rummaged through to find some that could spark my creative juices. A collection of blue and green papers stood out, but I had already made the two little birdies (see them framed in the above picture) in blues, pinks and reds. I hemmed and hawed for about two seconds and realized I could perform a minor reconstructive surgery on each of the birds and replace the pinks and reds with greens. Brilliant! Pictures of the tree are to come when I am done cutting out little paper birdies to hang from the new branches.

After that bout of creativity, I started cleaning out the storage from under the stairs when I came across an old touch lamp that didn't work by touch anymore. You know the kind, it used to look like this:

But with a little white spray paint, paper and mod-podge, it now has a new home on Carly's dresser and looks like this:
But why stop with the paper crafting there. I needed to use this one piece of paper that inspired the whole blue and green scheme (the center medallion looking one), and I wanted it to show in it's full glory, so I made a quick and easy valance using some paper, spray adhesive, foam-core and velcro.
The total cost of these little crafts: $0.00

Stay tuned to see this tree and Abi's vines.  Hopefully they will both be done by next week!


Janel Ogden said...

I love what you did to the lamp! Brilliant! I would never have even thought to do such a thing! I can't wait to come over and have a peek at your progress.

Jen said...

You are just too creative!! If I even thought of doing something like that I probably would have just stared at the paper and other crafty things all afternoon wondering just what to do with them. The lamp looks fantastic, who knew what paper and modge podge can do for an old lamp. So creative, I love to check and see your progress. You have truly inspired me to start sprucing up our home, THANKS!!

Angie said...

WOW,I'm serious girl, you are amazing!!!! said...

great job with your diy projects:) enjoyed reading about sacrament meeting - i remember those days... my kids are teens now. we just try to make it to sacrament on time:)thanks for becoming a follower - would love to post this lamp and valance photos on my blog. let me know...