Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I have just completed the layouts for my wonderful sister-in-laws guest sign in book and album.

Do you want a few sneak peeks (I hope you don't mind, Kel)?
All photos were taken by Jennifer Fauset.

Kelli (the bride-to-be) is a beautiful little thing that I have known since she was a small little spit-fire. I feel so blessed to have been around to watch her grow into an amazingly talented, patient, kind and mature woman. The man she is about to marry dotes on her and you can just feel the love he has for her radiating from him. I couldn't be happier for them, as this Thursday they will be sealed in the Salt Lake Temple.

Sitting here at the computer, listening to "The Luckiest" makes me recall the time prior to and the day of my own wonderful wedding to Todd. Todd and I have had a little over 11 years together and through those years I have learned so much about myself and life. Man, I was immature. It's a miracle that Todd would have even wanted to marry me...at 18! I am the luckiest.

Over time, we have had ups and downs. Our life has had moments of sheer joy, hard choices, frustration and adventure. Of course, I couldn't have had any of these incredible experiences or been led down the path that has laid us in front of so many amazing friends that have afforded me these lessons without having been married to Todd. I suppose it is good that he married me when I was so immature as I was able to mature beside someone that would stick beside me through all the silliness that comes along with knowing me (I used "me" too many times in that sentence....forgive ME).

So, for my sweet friend Kelli...here is some "advice" I've picked up along the way. Of course take it as you wish from someone who is still learning (okay, so I can't take credit for all of the thoughts, as I am not deep enough to conjure them up on my own...but they apply):

-Keep a "happy thoughts/kind gestures" journal. I remember when I was first married and frustrated, I would sob and write in a journal all of my selfish and sad moments. Focusing only on the "bad." I hesitate even opening that journal now. Think if I had focused all of my energy on sifting through the negative or annoying things going on and keeping only those things that really brought me happiness and inspired me to love Todd even more. Now, that is one book that I wouldn't hesitate opening time and time again. Never afraid if anyone found it, grateful if they did.

-Read every romantic novel you can and remind yourself that you have your "Mr. Darcy" or your "Mr. Knightly." Remember that there was once a moment that he swept you off of your feet, at least enough to make your mind forget the practical (according to the world) and actually get married!

-FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE: It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.

-It's okay to think differently. It's okay to have different hobbies. Just be sure to encourage one another and be their biggest cheering section. How else do you think Todd got through school (oh, that's right...he had a goal in mind and set to it)?

-Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate. ~Barnett R. Brickner

-You've chosen your love...now, love your choice.

I know that looking from the outside in, I may not be the best candidate to give marriage advice. So, it would be kind if you would at least accept the ones that have someone elses name by them.

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Janel Ogden said...

I like that song you mentioned, I hadn't heard it before, but now I have! I just want to concur with the marital advice you are offering. I think it is very good.