Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some Pics and Events from 2009

Here Carly and I are on Christmas Day. We enjoyed a nice and slow morning at our own home and the kids relished in ripping the wrappings off of their presents. The holidays are so much more enjoyable when you can watch a little child's eyes light up from something as simple as a new toothbrush. Those little kids appreciate the smallest things in life. Who cares about the big ticket items when you can have your own box of cereal, a new toothbrush and enough candy to last you a month. I will soak up these simple and easy holidays while I can, there is only a matter of time before they start wishing for bigger, better, more...unless I can do a good enough job of raising them that the issue of getting is not as important is giving and remembering the real reason of this holiday season.

Santa came and paid a visit to the kids here at our house one evening before Christmas just to make sure that they truly were on their best behavior...Carly wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. Connor asked Santa "Do you know Papa Bud? You sound a lot like him. You should meet him." How much longer do you think Santa can come and visit before the charade is up? Papa Bud is little guy we've got there.

Did you think I had forgotten about Halloween? I didn't. All three of the kids had a lot of fun (despite the expression on Connor's face) and got to dress up quite a few times. Carly was Minnie Mouse, Connor was a parrot (yes, the same parrot he was last year, at his own request) and Abi was a princess.

Todd took two weeks off around Christmas and the time we had to spend together as a family was wonderful. We slipped away to Richfield for three days and spent them with Todd's grandparents and his mom. It was a peaceful and relaxing little get-away. Todd and I have decided that with children in tow, there is no such thing as a "vacation" only "trips" or "family outings." Anything with kids involved takes a lot more effort than can truly be tagged as a vacation. None the less there was a fabulous snow storm, so the kids went sledding (I have yet to acclimate to this Utah winter weather) explored the farm, went for tractor rides, fed the horses, and just took time to remember what it is that we like about each other.

The New Year has gotten off to a somewhat slow and uneventful start (my mom just reminded me that at this time last year Carly had just broken her leg). No major bodily injuries of that nature...yet. Carly is giving us a run for our money and I have to keep reminding myself that the other kids did things like her too...but they didn't. Truly, she loves mischief more than the other two. I don't know which stories to write about here...I would rather save them for her blog, but to give you a minor glimpse...drawing on the fridge with a crayon, then the walls, then the floors. Not once, but everytime she finds a crayon (thank heaven for the Magic Eraser...she's gotten really good at using it). Pouring water on top of her dad's laptop. Hitting, shoving and teasing her older brother & sister.

Connor is the ever-eager learner and loves to write and illustrate his own stories. He is eager to help (most of the time) around the house and has just started the tattling phase of life. Sometimes it is helpful, other times it is just annoying. Preschool has been wonderful for him and I love seeing the little projects he comes home with and the explanations of what he has learned. He also has a terribly active imagination and can usually be found running around the house in a costume of some kind being an alter-personality.

Abigail is still rather whiny and emotional (whining right now, actually). I hope that she is getting all of her hormones in check right now because if it only escalates from here til we get to puberty...Todd and I are in for a terribly traumatic time. Just after the holidays I attempted the potty training thing again. We aren't 100% with it, but she has more successes than failures...phew, just one more to get out of diapers (and then comes another one). Abi does have some very endearing qualities. She sings and sings and sings and makes up her own songs and they are chorus' yet and nothing you would ever hear on the radio (and they usually involve death or something dark). And, being the girly-girl she loves having her hair done, lip gloss on and being clean.

Todd is working hard at EDA and also on a small side project drawing up beautiful plans for a home he and his brothers plan on building in the spring. He does a really good job balancing his time (between work, studying for licensing exams, church calling,and other stuff) though, and tries to be home before the kids get into bed. Connor and Abi have made it a habit to be awake when he leaves for work so they can say good-bye...sometimes that it 6:30am. No sleeping in around our place.

I have taken up reading. Lots and lots of reading. With no internet at home and tending (so no major outings) I find the simplified life rather enjoyable. I am also working on a few sewing projects right now.

Life is good. We may be poor, but aren't the poor people sometimes the happiest? I feel bad when Todd comes home with the weight of the world on his shoulders because their isn't enough money in the account to live the life that would allow us to spend money when we wanted to and on what we wanted. If only he understood that the kids and I have everything in the world we need. A comfortable roof overhead, enough food that we aren't losing any weight, and clothes on our backs and a dad/husband that makes us laugh every day.

2010 is off to a humble start...isn't it the humble circumstances that the most personal growth comes from? I am excited to see what it brings and what kind of person I can become.


Janel Ogden said...

This is why I like you my friend. You have a wonderful ability to find the positive side to anything in life!

Margie Vance said...

Mel, You have a gift of putting motherhood and life on paper that's so witty and real. I love it! Your kids are getting so big. I have to admit that I couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably at the Halloween picture - Connor just made that picture. I sure miss you...

Heather, Dan, and Family said...

I miss you too Mel, and I miss our apartment living. We had some good times on that apartment roof :) I always get super nostalgic for Hawaii when winter comes around. I don't think I was built for cold weather. So glad to hear the update on you guys.

Heather B said...

Me three, I miss you like crazy! It's so nice to have an update from you. I have to agree, being poor can have it's very good side...I feel happier than I have in a long time. :) Thank you for the compliment you gave me. It's quite possibly one of the highest compliments I've ever been paid, and it shocked me (quite frankly). Thank you thank you thank you for lifting my spirits today. May I also add that you look stunning (and you beautiful long hair is growing out! looks great!) and I showed Samuel the pictures of you and your kids and when he saw you he said, and I quote, "WOW. She doesn't look like she's aged a day. Lucky." Love you Mel.


So glad to get an update on your neat family! Life is good when your happy with what you got be it one dollar in the bank or a million! From what I remember cheese bread from your broiler was just about the BEST snack ever! You were always right on track with what the true priorities in life are and should be! The kids are, as always, adorable. And Todd, as always, is running his engine as fast as he can! And you, as always, bring a ray of sunshine to those around you at home or all the way in Hawaii!

Lindsay said...

Mel! You look fabulous. I love the picture of you and Carly. And I cannot believe how big Connor and Abi are! They are growing up so fast. Congratulations on having a new little one on the way!! When are you due? T & I are heading to Utah in July. Will you guys be around that first week? We'd love to see you again.

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Kat Clark said...

I think someone hacked into your email account because last night at 11:59 p.m. I got an email from "you" with some very broken english trying to sell me some used electronics or something. Just thought I'd let you know. If that really was you, sorry, I'm not in the market right now. :) Hope you're doing well.