Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This is me, typing on a computer in my own home with the internet. Sitting next to me is a cell phone that has a data plan and texting and all of those other technologically advanced things that I have been living without for a while (a Christmas present from Todd). I must admit now, that I am scared to have all of this at my fingertips.

You see, I lack self control. I have been a better mother the last...who knows how long....since I have not had the internet and cell phone and stuff. I spent my spare time reading books to the kids, keeping the house clean, and playing games/dancing/napping with the kids. I recall a time when I would blog almost daily and when the internet went away, that time spent at the keyboard typing away bits of information that most people really don't find interesting and that I hoped someday my children would find interesting, was replaced with stuff I know means more to my children now than any rant about motherhood ever could.

I promise to only waste time on the computer when the house has been cleaned, kids have been kissed, fed and read to, and nothing else more important is pressing on me.

I thought I would post some recent pictures of my family. Hmmmm...when the fourth child comes along the camera comes out less frequently. I have only taken 6 pictures with my camera since Christmas. Do you know who gets the brunt of this? Poor Dakota, I failed to take a picture of him on his blessing day in the most adorable outfit that belonged to his Uncle Isaac. I will never forgive myself for that. Of course, I could never put him in it now and "pretend" like it is from his blessing day as he has packed on another 10 pounds. You wanna see where all the pounds piled on?
His legs. It may be freezing cold here in the winter, but if we are indoors, the pants come off for all the free squishes he can get.
This kid is all Riches. You can see that he will be our first baby with either hazel or brown eyes. Just like his daddy!

Seems like something is now more pressing...time for dress-ups! I'm going to go and help "Batman" rescue his "princess" from certain death by her "wicked step-sister."


Heather B said...

Well I am thrilled to have you back. But I understand exactly what you're saying. It only takes one day of internet outage at our house (or some similar problem) for me to realize how much the technology of today...steals time from my kids. I hope you will stick to your promise...and I hope I can make that promise too. As soon as these blasted blog books are published. I have an expiring coupon. 13 days to get it all done.

wendy said...

Your sweet baby is all Riches! Great to see him. Your always a good mom. Keep up the great work.

Karen said...

Dakota's tongue/expression in that picture is great!

Kat Clark said...

Welcome back! He is sooooo Todd! It's kinda crazy.

The second paragraph of this blog post almost made me cry. So sweet and made me feel guilty. I know you didn't mean it that way but it still just hit home. We are talking about getting rid of our cable to save some money for the move and we act so scared about losing it. Like it would be life or death or something stupid. Really, it would probably save us and not just money.

The Potter Pack said...

Those legs and thighs are solid and adorable ! Love it !