Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter

Here are our little divas prepped and ready for this special Easter Sunday.  The morning meetings were cancelled, which meant I had Todd's help getting all of the kids dressed and ready for the morning..."oh the kind words we hear when mom's hot help is near."  We were all at church and seated 15 minutes prior to the meeting and I never raised my voice that morning!!!

Sacrament meeting was beautiful with our former Bishops sharing their personal testimonies of the Atonement and Resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ and the choir (which Todd and I both participate in) sang wonderfully as adorable little Carly sat in the congregation smiling at me and giving me the thumbs up sign.

That evenings, we dined on a yummy spiral ham and ever-so-famous funeral potatoes, "tastes like an angel" creamed corn, fruit salad and always perfect Rhode's rolls with my mom and dad and our good friends, the Purba's and visited well into the night, while our children sat in the living room, each playing on some sort of apple device laughing together.  Perfection (not the apple devices...although they are perfect, the whole being together part)!

On a completely different note, can you believe that our Little Baby Boone will be turning ONE on Thursday?  Not me.  I am not ready for him to move beyond the baby phase.  He is an ideal little baby.  I mean, look at him!  He is almost always this happy (unless he is hungry or slammed his finger in a door).

Then there is this big guy.....see what happens when the kids get a hold of my camera.
Conster Monster will be participating in a dual immersion program next year spending half of his day learning math and science in Spanish.  I am worried that some days he will come home from school and his face will look just like this out of frustration or over-stimulation.  Oh well, his young brain will soak it all up and he will be all the wiser for it.

I hope all of you were fed as well as we were this Easter, both spiritually and physically.


The Carters said...

Wow, I swear I have seen a picture just like that of Todd! It is uncanny how much those two look a like.

ashley said...

My son is in the Spanish program too. They kept warning us about tears and stuff but they were fine. No frustration at all for him or his buddies. He loves it! Cute cute kiddos. I marvel at u having 4 so young. You're a stronger woman than I am for sure!!

Karen said...

Oh, how I love that picture of the girls! Glad your Easter was so wonderful!

wendy said...

adorable girls. How in the world are they the same size! Love you Mel.