Monday, May 23, 2011

Feeling Frumpy

I stand in front of my closet and I hmph.

There are a few blouses that I love.  I love them so much that I wear them once a week.  That means there are 3.

There are a lot of old t-shirts hanging that I wear in between the days that the blouses are being washed free of Cheetos hand prints on the back or ironed from getting crumpled by sitting in the dryer too long.

However, for Mother's Day my truly handsome husband gave me a gift card to the second happiest place on earth:  Gardner Village.

Friday night we went out for a little date and Todd declared the evening to be whatever I wanted.  So we abandoned our children (to a babysitter) and visited about life on our way to the village.  We shared soup and crackers then did what every man LOVES to do and waltzed in and out of every single quaint little shop.

I found a lamp.  Simple gray silk drum shade.  Classically styled gray ceramic base.  A gray lamp that wasn't too grandma-ee.  It got Todd's stamp of approval.  It would be perfect for the dream I have for our master suite.

I didn't buy it.

The night where I was given the freedom to be selfish and I didn't buy a thing.

The gift card has been burning a hole in my hand-me-down yellow purse since then (a whole 2 days).

This evening we had to return to Gardner Village for a wedding reception.  After hugs to the bride & groom and a sampling of refreshments, I asked Todd to take the boys to the van and assured him we girls would meet him in just a minute.

He knew what I was wanting to do.  Sweet man didn't even stop me.

With one darling daughter in each hand, we scurried ourselves out of the rain and into Down to Earth and I scooped up that gray lamp as quick as possible.

Did you know that when you walk in the door, to the west are some of the most beautiful clothes I have seen (I haven't been shopping in a while)?  Affordable too.

The lamp was half off, meaning I still had enough to buy myself a blouse.  WAIT!!!!!  I had enough to buy 2 blouses.

My little girls oohed and ahhed with me while I browsed through the racks. I think they were dreaming of being a princess probably just as much as I was.  I selected a gossamer white 3/4 sleeve blouse with a vast array of buttons down the front and a white sash to tie around the waist and a sleeveless yellow chiffon top with three layers of lace and three layers of ruffles under that.

A princess!  That's what I am going to feel like when I wear those shirts.  I want to feel that feminine more often.

Hence, it is time to rid my closet of all things frumpy.  However, I will s-l-o-w-l-y need to bulk up my already limited wardrobe.  i.e.  once I get a super cute top, get rid of a super callous one.

Please share with me some of your favorite (affordable) shops that are oozing with femininity (sashes, satin, sass, sparkles) that I might peruse and continue my princess dream.


The Carters said...

Oh Mel, you do not have a frumpy closet! I only wish I could share with you some cute places to shop. The maternity clothes I have been buying just aren't cutting it. Sorry I am no help...

Janel Ruzzi said...

Pictures! You need to include pictures in this post! I love the lamp by the way. :)