Monday, November 7, 2011

Month of Thanks - Day #7


Family Home Evening.

The first Monday of every month, we get together with Todd's parents, siblings and their kids and have dinner and a special Family Home Evening.

That means under one roof, in one room there are:
1 Grandma Great
1 Mom/Mother-In-Law/Grandma
1 Dad/Father-In-Law/Grandpa
6 Siblings (there could be as many as 8)
5 Siblings in Law (there could be as many as 7)
16 Nieces/Nephews/Cousins/Grandkids (there could be as many as 20)
1 Dog

That's a lot of people.  You'd think there would be a lot of chaos.  There is.  A lot.

However, there has never been a time when we haven't gotten together and made it through the night without at least 1 "lawnmower laugh."  The Riches family has an amazing ability to laugh at themselves.  Laugh at each other.  And all the while never being offended by the jabs that go around.  Or the memories that are shared.

We celebrate any birthdays or anniversaries that are to take place during the month.  The birthday song is usually sung in multiple keys and at an incredibly slow pace.  Often times the key is set WAY too low.  Quite surprising, seeing as how the Riches all have beautiful singing voices, but most of them are basses, so that would explain the low key.  They laugh with their eyes during the whole song.  Awesome.

What a gift.  I am so grateful to be a part of their family and witness such hilarious harmony.

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Sarah said...

What a neat tradition...I might have to suggest that to my Mom...