Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Few Projects

I still find plenty of time to make my house more like a home, despite all of the carpooling and Zumbaing I am doing.  Here are a few of my favorite projects that I have managed to complete in the last few months.

 This is actually one that I did way back when Connor was in Kindergarten and just recently created hangers for the girls.  Their wardrobe and laundry piles were becoming very overwhelming.  This has helped them to remain in one outfit a day, and helps me to remember what is actually clean and dirty (they were throwing a lot of clean clothes in the laundry because they were too lazy to put them away.

I bought one of these foam sticker kits from Walmart for $5, and then let the kids design their own little tags while I made the ones that I wanted to use for their hangers.  Perhaps my favorite part is that when I am "folding" the laundry I pull out a pair of pants and a shirt, hang them up together and I didn't have to fold or put away a thing!  Woo-hoo!  Same thing for the girls, and there is no arguing what to wear, because it says on the tag what you are wearing what day and thank heaven they aren't old enough to get  that they don't really have to wear what's on the hanger.

 Whipped up this little number one early afternoon because my big ole kitchen table needed some warming up.  I am so proud of myself, mostly because of the affordable cost.  A base like this was $26 at Tai Pan and the greenery alone would have cost me around $40.  But I scoured my very favorite home consignment shop, Home Again in Midvale and found the base and the greenery for $20 total!!!  Then I went to Taiwan Imports (cuz my mom has a membership there) and got the colorful flowers for $30.  Do you realize that a ready made floral like this could cost you anywhere from $125-$300.  Hooray for do-it-yourselfing.

Then I saw this on Pinterest.  And my huge jars needed something on their face to make sure we were using the right ingredients, so instead of doing a decal transfer, I just used cut vinyl and now we know which ingredient to use and what it is generally used for and made from.  Super educational.


Emilee said...

AWESOME! Love the floral arrangement and clothes hangers- I just may be making some of those. Laundry for 6 when 3 of the littles are girls can get overwhelming!

Anonymous said...

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Sarah said...

Good for you! You're so crafty and organized. The clothes hanger thing is such a good idea. I'm already getting buried in laundry and I only have two kids! Yikes!

The floral arrangement is gorgeous too. You did a wonderful job!