Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gallery Walls

Recently, Todd and I took the kids and met his parents at the White Family Farm in Southern Sevier.  Imagine my surprise when I walked in the front door and there stood his mom, pointing to a blank wall and several frames stacked against it.

She asked if I would mind sorting through them and hanging them in various spots around the home.

Did I mind?  All I could think was "Now THIS is a vacation!!!"

I sent the children upstairs to discover what new-to-them-toys were awaiting them and got to work right away.  Not a moment to lose!  Here's the end result of the three gallery walls I got to tackle.

All of the paintings here were done by Todd's grandma! 

Dontcha love how I worked the doorbell into it!?!   I know what your thinking, "Wouldn't these be cool if each of the frames were painted a different bright and cheery color."  Cuz that's what I thought too!

 The White family!  Aren't they a gorgeous pair?  There are a few frames still to be filled.  One with a poem called "It Takes A Heap O' Livin" and another with pictures of Grandma White's family and the old part of the White Family Farm home. I wish you could see that big ole gold frame in person...AMAZING!!!

Todd spent the entire weekend cleaning out this boat.  It's a classic...1968!  This was what he claimed, I still can't figure out why no one else wanted it...could it have been the dead cats lying around it, the shredded and ripped up seats or the fact that the motor didn't run?  Not to worry!  I got rid of the cats, Todd cleaned it up and even got the motor running for a minute. 

Instead of crying herself to sleep, Carly played the iPad till her eyes could take no more. 

Shirtless...and the belly so full he has to keep the top button undone. 

Abi practiced her balancing skills and helped grandma shop. 

Connor earned $25 by moving branches that had been cut off from the trees...and played a lot on the iPad.   Hopefully he keeps his eye on the real prize and continues to work hard this summer to earn enough money for the space camp he wants to go to.  And by prize, I mean the Space camp, not the jewels he can earn in Dragonville.


Karen said...

Love the gallery walls! You always do good work!

The Carters said...

Mel, it looks amazing! Wow, you really did a great job down there. I can't wait to see it for myself!