Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Pinterest Halloween

Every year, my Mother-In-Law throws a rather impressive Halloween Party for all of her grand-goblins.  Each year, it gets better and better, and as adults, we are all so anxious to see what she comes up with!  The kids are always excited to get into costumes early on in the month and I am happiest to get the costumes ready and off of my hectic October To-Do List (best part, I didn't spend a DIME on costumes this year!)

I hope you are ready for lots of links via Pinterest, as this Halloween was brought to you in part by the many creative contributors there.

This little bum of a guy was so fun to dress up.  He totally got into my smothering his face in dark brown eye shadow and then dabbing his face with a washable brown marker to get stubble on those soft cheeks. Sign, compliments of Dr. Todd.

What surprised me the most about this costume were so many of the comments I read on the link.  People chose to be offended by the term "homeless" as though dressing up your baby as such might be meant to be hurtful or as an insult.  However, as one whose husband has lost a job in this poor economy, we chose to dress him up as such, grateful that we have a home and more importantly to be able to laugh at our own situation.  You can choose to be the martyr/victim or laugh about it, start your own business and see where life can take you (we chose that route)!

Do you see this adorable little guy?  He is one of our many nephews, and I was so excited to see him wearing this giraffe costume that Connor, Abi, Carly and Dakota have all worn!

Here's where we get to see all of those things people pin on Pinterest, but never do...until now!

(I loved how she put bows on the bags that belonged to the girls) 

I have a funny little tidbit to add here.  Connor dressed up as Indiana Jones, and we all know about Indiana's aversion to snakes, so Connor, taking his role very seriously, refused to eat any of these cupcakes because worms are too much like snakes.

 Jack-O-Lantern Putt-Putt was just one of the many games the kids played.  Mom, brilliantly, divided the kids into four different groups by age and had different dads in charge of the activities.
1) Diving for Doughnuts; the kids had to eat a donut hanging from a string, without using their hands
2) Jack-O-Lantern Putt-Putt; using a putter, get the golf balls into the hole
3) Bowling for Ghosts; using a pumpkin as a bowling ball, knock over ghosts made from t.p.
4) Pop the Pumpkin; using darts, pop open the balloons that form a giant pumpkin

Once each activity was completed, the kids earned a treat that they got to place in their little ghosty bags.

 Dad did the flipping at the grill and placed these little cuties on top of the patties.

 Shall we play the guessing game?
Abigail: Rapunzel, complete with frying pan and bare feet
Carly: Rock Star with the bangles and microphone to prove it
Hanky: 5th Generation Giraffe
Whit: Dancer...really
McGarry Clan: Vampires...and a little bat...with another little bat in the making!
Hannah: Ballerina
Sissy: Pirate Bird
Jack: Batman (it took some convincing from his mom to even wear the mask)
Connor: Indiana Jones (using a jumprope for a whip)
Jakey: Captain AMERICA!!!!
T: ZOMBIE, he scared all of the little boys.  They'll get him back when they're older
A: Grimm Reaper (nobody was harmed that night)
Grandma: Spider Lady
Kota: Baby Bum
Dallin: Woody
Rach: Jessi (her mom made her costume, it's so awesome, it should be on Pinterest)
May: Cowgirl

And, on a last note: recently, my girls made a trip to my mom's house.  They were so surprised by her Halloween decor spreading beyond the front door that they began a scavenger hunt throughout her entire home to see which other rooms had been "haunted."

While I was at the General Relief Society Broadcast (with some rather important ladies, to me) my own sweet little ladies began some decorating of their own!  I was so excited to come home and see that each and every room of our own house had been "haunted" too, with these little foam pumpkins.



Sarah said...

How cute! We had a little Half-o-ween party in July because Peter needed an excuse to dress up and get some candy. I love all of the things your mother-in-law did for the kids. So cute. Great job on the party!

Dave said...

Was such a fun party! I am so glad we could make it. And I was so happy to see little Hankie made your blog!

Dave said...

I forgot to sign out of Dave's account. This is Kelli ;)