Friday, June 16, 2006

Golf Club

Okay, so this story really takes place in June...however, it is still a funny story and must be told.

Father's Day, June 16th, 2006. I was very excited for this Father's Day. I had spent so much time creating a very special book for Todd. I had gathered pictures of him from his birth, early childhood, teenage years and up to his mission. I put them all in the most beautiful truly is the best work I have ever done.

Connor and I had gone to a candy store and Connor picked out some of Todd's favorite candy and we made a very cute bag to put them in.

So, Father's Day came and it was time to give the gifts. Connor and I presented Todd with his gifts, and Todd loved them. The end.

Ha Ha Ha...that's what I thought. But Ken brought up a golf club from downstairs. And lo and behold the tag on it stated that it was from Connor. Now just tell me where a little one year old is going to come up with the money for a nice new driver? So, in other words, Todd wanted a new driver and used this Holiday as an excuse to get it for himself. He should have just put the gift: To Todd From Todd.

I can't get too upset, heaven knows that I have bought myself something for every holiday imaginable, even the ones that I make up. "Poor me day", "Congratulations for not spending money in three days". Yeah, I have a problem. I know, I'll work on it. So, I tease Todd, I can't get mad at him because I have no room to speak.

HOWEVER... The driver was used during the remainder of the summer when Todd enjoyed the many golfing outings he went on. His set of clubs were stored away in Honolulu, so he always had to borrow a set from R.J. or my dad. I thought that once we were through in Utah, he would just ship the club to Hawaii or let one of his brothers use it until they could bring it out with them to Hawaii.

I was wrong. We made space in the back of our mini-van for the driver to travel across the United States with us. Todd was certain that there were beautiful golf courses in Boston. He was right, there were beautiful courses in Boston. They were all very expensive and you had to be a member to golf at them. So the poor golf club sat in a corner of our closet never to be used.

Because we were flying back to Utah, we had to find another means to get the club to our final destination...Hawaii. The last night that we were in Boston, Adam just so happened to be there. We needed some help, so we put him to work. He made the "box" that we could ship the golf club home in. Miranda put it best when she called and told me that the club had arrived in Hawaii. Let me see if I get it right:

"There is some box that looks special ed here."

Thanks Ad, that added to the humor of this whole golf club experience. So, if any of you come out...please hit a round of balls with Todd. I want to make sure that he gets his best use out of this thing.

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