Sunday, December 17, 2006

Last Sunday in Boston

Today marks the last Sunday in our wonderful Weston 2nd Ward. The sacrament meeting was full of opportunities to remind us of the importance of the Christmas Season and how there are many different levels of Christmas. Often times we find ourselves on the Santa Level, obsessed with gift giving (and getting) holiday shopping and the festivities. I wish I were more on the level with Christ. This particular holiday season I have been on no level. I have not done an ounce of shopping for anyone. Sure, when I sing a Christmas song, I think of the "reason for the season," however, I have not felt that excitement and gratitude of holidays past. The reason? The move.

We'll talk more about the move later, but lets get back to the wonderful people we have met while living in Newton. Most tend to be members of our own church congregation. Everywhere we go, we make friends and people who leave an indelible mark on our lives. We have met families who have suffered through the loss of children, stared cancer in the face, dealt with a young daughter becoming an epileptic, and many other wonderful people who never doubt the love of our Heavenly Father and have such a strong testimony of Christs atonement and what each of their trials has done for them is nothing short of miraculous. I have been so humbled to live amongst these people.

We are preparing to abandon our beautiful apartment here in West Newton MA and embark on another chapter in our lives. We have gotten rid of almost all of little Connor's toys, all of our furniture (except for this table that the computer is sitting on...I am sitting on a turned over storage bin) and the place would seem empty, but there are clothes in the closets and Connor's treasures (shoes, remaining toys) scattered around.

I love my little Connor (change of subject). Friday he had surgery to repair the circumcision that went awry after he was born. He has done surprisingly well. Last night we had Kyle and Spencer Wilson over with their two little girls, Jordyn and Audrey. As they were leaving, Todd shook Spencer's hand and said, "Nice seeing you." I had walked into the kitchen and Connor came running by. He met up with Jordyn at the back door and stuck out his hand and said "Nice seeing you." She didn't quite get the hand sticking out thing, so Connor grabbed her hand and shook it. He mimics everything he sees us do.

My little Abigail makes my heart beat so quickly. Her smile makes me want to scream for joy. She brings so much happiness into my life. Tell me that when you look at the picture of Abi, you can't help but smile!

Todd is an amazing father. He has a very special way with Connor and you can see that he feels so deeply for the little guy. I am blessed to have such a willing and faithful husband to be the father of these great little children. I felt such great appreciation for Todd as a father while I was in the hospital with Abi both after giving birth and when she was re-admitted. The bond that was created between Todd and Connor has made lasting effects and you can see it daily in the way Connor asks for his daddy when he is at work. Todd has also seen the side of taking care of a young one day in and day out. It's been great!

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