Friday, December 29, 2006

The Flights....that's right, PLURAL, flights!

Oh gracious....anytime I consider flying back to the mainland with Connor, I will return to this blog and re-read the stories I am about to tell.

When Todd and I first arrived in Boston, we wasted to time at all in booking our flights from Boston to Utah (for Christmas) and from Utah to Hawaii. We wanted to get the best deal possible and get that part of our financial worries out of the way. If the money sits in a bank account, and I can see that we have it, I have a tendency to spend it. So, if we hurriedly booked the tickets, the money wouldn't be sitting there begging me to throw it away on the newest scrapbooking toy.

So, without thinking about what lay in our future we booked the flights. Here they go....
(I know, it takes me a long time to get to the point of the story, but it is what makes me me)

We picked up our friends Spencer, Kyle, Jordan and Audrey to take us to the airport. They followed us in the van, as we were going to sign the title for the van over to them after we safely arrived at the airport. We arrived at the Boston airport and unloaded our two children, two carseats, stroller, 1 small suitcase with diapers, formula and a change of clothes each for the children, a diaper bag, a computer case, one large green suitcase and three storage bins. At that time, that was the "stuff" we owned (with the exception of some really great "crap" in storage in Honolulu). We bid our farewells and paid the skycap.

Security went as smoothly as it can with a handful of kids. Now that we were settled at our gate, we mentally prepared ourselves for the THREE legs of flight we were about to embark on. Yes, you read correctly, THREE. Uh-huh. In order to get those cheap flights, this is what we got. The first leg of the flight was from Boston to Maryland. It went okay. The kids did just fine. Thankfully there was an empty seat right next to me, so Connor had some space to spread out and enjoy himself. All in all, it was a very uneventful flight.

We landed in Maryland and had about one hour before the next flight took off, so I went and got us some lunch. Connor went and hid in a corner. That is always bad means that he is pooping. If you look at him while he is hiding, he will blow you a kiss, as though he is kissing you off. Really cute and odd at the same time. So, the bathroom time was VERY successful. Wouldn't you know it, at this very time, they announced that they were now boarding the plane. I figured I could just change him on the plane, so we picked up the kids and began to trudge to the line when I felt something wet on my arm...Connor had soaked through his pants. I hesitated...should I change him on the plane, or here at the airport. I went with the second and quickly rummaged through the suitcase and found his pajamas, a diaper and the wipes.

The ticket lady was nice enough to let me leave the jetway (if that is what that corridor is called) and ran to the bathroom. I laid Connor down on the counter (there were NO changing tables). I had to laugh as another mom was changing her daughter of the same age. I heard her say to her daughter, "it is a good thing we had a change of clothes." We laughed together how our children chose to have diahrea at such convenient times...all the while I ran out of wipes! She handed me a wad and said she didn't need them. It is always so nice to have another sympathetic mom on your side. So I zipped Connor up in his cute jammies and ran back to the plane.

Yet again, I had another empty seat next to me. So Todd took Abi and I took Connor and we had another beautiful flight...this time from Maryland to Las Vegas. Our layover in Vegas was two hours long and it was about 9pm at night. So it was time for the kids to be in bed....really time, considering we had just left a place that was three hours different than Boston.

In the Vegas airport there are "buttons" and flashing lights everywhere. Connor was so enthralled, he kept saying "push a button." He didn't get to. He did, however, find a little hiding spot and once again, pooped through his clothes...the only change of clothes I had. So I scooped him up and took some cash with me to the closest airport store. The only thing they had close to his size was a onsie. The picture says it all. Yes, I was completely embarrased. Yes, I know that every person was thinking "do those stupid parents know that when they arrive in Utah it is going to be cold." YES!!!! I KNOW!!!! It was so dumb.

The kids did great on the flight from Vegas to SLC and as soon as Connor got in the car, he fell asleep and didn't care about the cold.

In the middle here is Christmas...I'll save that for another blog.

Only ten days later we gathered our belongings and got on a plane again. We packed a little lighter this time...minus the big green suitcase. Oh, and we exchanged the small stroller for a deluxe Jeep version (thanks Jeanette, it was the best thing we could have had). This time we had only two legs of flight. Salt Lake to Phoenix was first.

We had decided not to give Connor any dramamine until the L-O-N-G portion of the flight and just let him sit it out this one. Todd took Connor this time, and I took Abi. We were able to get the Bulkhead seats, which was wonderful. I sat in between to very sweet and very understanding mothers. One of which was from the same town as Angie! It was so fun, we talked the whole time and the flight went by so quickly.

One of the women was expecting her 17th child...she was flying to Phoenix to witness the birth of her own granddaughter! The other woman was going to Phoenix to be with her dad before he passed away. It was amazing how two women on the plane could both be going to witness two of the most incredible moments of a persons life, the introduction and the departure of life. However, because both of these women had the gospel in their lives, each was joyous, for they knew what was going on. This is all a part of our Heavenly Father's wonderful plan. There is nothing to fear. It is always sad to see someone go, but knowing that you will get to see them again...soon, is what allows your heart to remain a little bit lighter.

Anyway, back to the flight. Connor and Abi both slept for that flight.

When we arrived in Phoenix, I was so sad to be returning to Hawaii. I don't really know why. We were finally on the downhill slope of this thing we like to call "Todd's Education." But I was nervous for what lay ahead....the cost of housing, food, having to buy a car, temporary housing (until we could get into a more permanent place), begging friends to help us out. Heavenly Father must have felt my desperation.

While we were sitting down, Todd leaned over to me and said, "Look, isn't that.....I don't know their names." (Todd is really bad with names, but he is great with faces). Sure enough! It was Sam and Heather Bigler. Some good friends of ours from Hawaii. It did my heart such good to see and visit with them. It made me excited to return to our island home.

Back to the flight portion of our story....

While waiting at the Phoenix airport, I gave Connor the dramamine and hoped that it would kick in soon. I even went and asked the ticket agent if there were any open seats, and the flight was booked solid.

We got on the flight. Todd sat on a window seat on one side of the plane with an older couple sitting next to him. I sat in between a single guy and a single woman. I apologized to both of them in advance and said "Please excuse my son if he acts like a two year old and not a twenty year old while we are on this flight." He acted like a two year old and the dramamine never worked the way I had hoped. Todd and I had to exchange kids twice, I tried pacing the aisles with Connor in the hopes that he would fall asleep in my arms. Nothing worked. Finally about an hour before we landed, I handed him to Todd. Connor crawled onto the floor beneath Todd feet, curled into a ball and fell asleep. Poor little guy. He just couldn't get comfortable. Who could blame him!

The guy sitting next to me said at the end of the flight, "well, he performed better than some adults do."

You may be wondering why we didn't purchase him a ticket. We are cheap....he wasn't two yet and didn't have to have a ticket.

BIG MISTAKE. Here is my advice (like you are asking it) For the sanity of those flying around you, yourself and especially your own child, if you will be flying for more than 2 hours, get them their own seat. Everyone will be better off for it.

So please forgive me if I don't fly out with my two beautiful children to visit's just too soon to revisit that experience. Just typing this has made me all tense in the neck.

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Heather said...

Mel!! You have a blog too!! I'm glad I found it, and thanks for the comment on mine!

I was laughing so hard about the onesie (I LOVE the picture) and feeling sympathy about the pooping. Ahh, so much to look forward to! But then I also read about the love and joy you feel, and I can't wait.

Tell Todd not to worry that he didn't know our names, Samuel had the same "blank" happen...thank goodness for wives that stay in touch, right?