Saturday, December 30, 2006

Arrival in HON

We arrived in Honolulu late in the evening on December 28th. Miranda, Mano, Sami and Rachael were all at the airport to greet us and take us and our few belongings to our temporary home. Sami and Connor hit it off right away and began to run around the airport, despite how late in the evening it was.

We arrived at our little home around 11pm. A small one bedroom apartment in the heart of Honolulu. It is a property that the Bishop owns and he was allowing us to stay there until the sale of the property in Marco Polo went through (a different blog).

There was a twin size bed with box springs and one other box spring mattress. So we pulled the other mattress off of the box springs and laid the two mattresses together and that is where Todd, Connor and I have been spending our nights. Any of you that have children can empathize with me when I say, I don't sleep well when Connor is in the bed. For some reason he insists on rolling all over the place, and the most comfortable position for him is to have his feet in my face and his head in Todd's back. It's wonderful. I'm gonna miss that when Todd and I finally get a room of our own.

When we came into the apartment there was a small tinge in the air of a dead animal. But here in Honolulu there are a lot of different tinges in the air...garlic, BBQ Beef, smoke, old people, dryer sheets. You get the idea. So we let it fester for a few days and bought some air fresheners in the hopes that it would fade away.

The air freshener smell with the smell of death was less pleasant than just the death. So we began the search for the culprit. I took all of the food out of the fridge and sprayed it down with clorox, but didn't find anything. Then, I pulled the fridge out from the wall to look behind it and the death smell came wafting out! There was nothing behind the fridge, so Todd tipped the fridge on its side...still nothing. We couldn't find it anywhere. So we wrote an email to the Bishop to bear the bad news. A few days later we had a new fridge delivered and away with the old fridge went the horrible smell.

Upon our arrival our friend Rachael ran us on our errands and even took us to look at a van (it later became our new white van). She saved our lives. We were doing just fine living out of our three bins, but were anxious for the arrival of a few boxes and a chance to look in our storage unit. When we finally went to the storage unit, it was like Christmas. That thing was packed to the brim. We could only take a few things with us, so we pulled out what was closest to the front:
Todd's guitar, computer, the television and DVD player

Our boxes arrived at Miranda's house and she delivered them to us. It was nice to have our favorite soft sheets, Todd's school books, and my scrapbooking idea books. I have been flipping through them and gearing up for the day when my supplies arrive. Too bad she is keeping Todd's golf club hostage. Yeah, the golf club....that's a totally different blog. It deserves it's own.

Anyway, back to this place we are staying in. Connor loves the lanai. He spends most of his time out there. He talks (yells) at the people that are walking by down below. He loves to look for Todd when he comes home from work. He also loves all of the buttons that he gets to push on his departure or arrival to the complex. If he doesn't get to push the buttons, he has a melt down.

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