Thursday, February 15, 2007


I absolutely adore this fat little chunk of ours. Here are a few things about Abi many of you may not know:

*Each time she wakes up, she talks to herself. When you go in to take her out of her bed, she has the hugest grin for you

*To fall asleep, she has to be swaddled super tight and her face has to be covered. Not to worry, once she is out, we removed the light blanket covering her face.

*By the time you get her out of her bed, she has gotten herself out of the swaddled blanket. Usually her flailing arms are what wake her up.

*If she hasn't gotten out of the blanket, I will unwrap her and she will stretch so big and so cute. It's a favorite thing of mine that she does.

*She loves to talk, squeal and be talked to.

*Sure-fire way to get her to smile, sing to her...she loves it.

*The person who can get her to laugh the hardest is her brother.

*She loves to eat and gets so excited when she sees her bottle. She will let you know when she is hungry.

*Like the books say, babies only cry for three reasons, dirty diaper, hungry or tired. Yup, that applies to this little girl. So we try to catch these things before they happen.

*She has rolled over only once, I missed it. Todd told me all about it.

*She still can't sit up on her I expecting too much for a nearly 5 month old?

*Abigail had sever jaundice after she was born...a level 26 for those of you who know anything about bilirubin levels.

*The doctors were concerned about her weight gain for a while...ha ha ha, look at her now. She was put on a strict two-hour feeding regimen.

*Because she wasn't gaining weight, she had to be fed by bottle to see how much weight she was gaining. Because of the bottle, she refused to latch on and much to her mothers dismay, didn't nurse and has been on formula since she was 6 weeks old. I prefer nursed dirty diapers over formula dirty diapers.

*She has mastered grabbing for things that are within her reach.

*She takes a binky (Connor never did)...and I love it!

*Her legs are so huge and chub-a-lub, everyone just wants to squish them. They are like a log of pillsbury dough..with a few more rolls!

*She has ginormous cheeks. If we are strolling along a bumpy road, the only thing that moves up and down are her cheeks. It's so cute!

*Her eyes are so blue, just gotta love those baby blues.

*Has a small strawberry birthmark on the left side of her head above her ear.

*People would take one look at Connor and pronounce "he looks just like his dad." Nobody has said that Abi looks like her mom or her dad.

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