Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mischevious One

I know most of my posts are about Connor, but he is the one that is doing the most right now. Tell you what, I will post a blog about Abi. Just as soon as I am through writing this one!

Connor, You gotta love this kid! You will find that there won't be a whole lot of up-to-date pics on the blog for a while. My beautiful son broke my digital camera. It is my fault, I let him have a go at taking pictures and he continued to try and close the lens manually. The result, a mangled and sad camera that won't take any pictures at all.

The pictures above were some of the last ones that I was able to take with the camera before it got into its current state. I will describe the pictures to you....mind you they were both taken on the same day!

Connor is into everything. You know, you hear so much about "baby proofing", but what about "toddler proofing". Those are the ones you really gotta worry about!

I was folding laundry in my bedroom when I heard what I thought was the refrigerator open and shut. I didn't think much of it. Usually Connor will get what he wants out and if he needs help opening it, he'll bring it to me. That is, except, for the time he wanted water, pulled out the pitcher and all the water spilled onto the floor.

After that incident, I purchase one of those saftey latches that you put on fridges. I had yet to put it on though. I guess my lesson hadn't been fully learned.

Connor didn't bring anything to me. So I wasn't worried. It was quiet again (uh, mothering law number one, if all is quiet on the home-front, something is awry). I was walking to the kitchen to start another load of laundry (side note I LOVE having a washer and dryer in our apartment) when I noticed Connor eating something. He had gotten something out of the fridge. A whole block of cheese. The little mouse was eating cheese right off of the block! Needless to say, we didn't use that block for anything else. It was designated as Connor's to eat at his will.

I immediately went into the kitchen and place the safety latch on the refrigerator to prevent occurences like these from happening again. Did you realize that a block of cheese here in Hawaii is almost $7!!!!!

Later on I was feeding Abi in the living room. Connor was being quiet again, so I went to find him. When Connor has to go to the bathroom, he usually finds a room that isn't being used and shuts himself in it. He then finds a corner to squat and comes out once his business is done. He usually goes into the bathrooms, but has no interest in using the toilet, yet.

I checked both bathrooms, including the tub and shower. I checked the closets, I checked the bedrooms. I couldn't find Connor. I was standing in the entry way thinking about where else he could go, when I heard "hep peez". It was coming from inside the clothes dryer! Of course, I had to pull out the camera and take a few shots, then I rescued him.

We all took a little journey to Wal-Mart and purchase a baby gate to put in front of the kitchen so we don't have any more experiences such as these. The only thing he can reach in the kitchen now, is the oven light. Every night after I get into bed, I notice a glowing coming from the kitchen and I will get out of bed, turn it off, and laugh about our little Connor and all of the amazing things he does during the day.


onebusylady said...

I've learned that "toddler proofing" is a job that's never really done. There's always something I've overlooked locking, or putting out of reach.

Most recently, my kids have outsmarted the old todder proofing, and I've had to get smarter. I'm pretty sure there will come a time (in some respects it's already here) when they're going to be smarter than me. Case in point, Will figured out those door handle covers that we have on every single door in the house. (minus the bathroom) he then taught his sister how to open doors with knob covers. So I ran to Home Depot (yes we are past buying baby proofing at walmart and target, it's got to be industrial at our house) and bought these metal hook and eye things that Ryan installed. Then to slow them even more I kept the knob covers on the knobs. Will just opened the door fast enough that it ripped out the hook and eye. We're back to square one, now.

If you ever need tips on baby proofing, let me know, I think I've tried it all!

onebusylady said...

P.S. I love the block of cheese! That's hilarious!