Thursday, February 15, 2007

Can't a mom get a little sleep around here!

I shouldn't complain, at least the little ones sleep. It is 7:20 am, I am fully dressed and getting ready for the day. Connor has been awake since 6:30 and Abi is laying in her crib talking to herself, where she has been for the last 1/2 hour!

They get the early bird thing from their father...that's who I blame. Really, I can only blame myself. Here is the scenario.

My children have put themselves on a mother's dream schedule (if you are the productive type that likes to get things done during the day). As you read before, they wake up really early. Abi goes down for a one hour nap about 8am. Then the both of them, together, in the same room (no I am not kidding) go down for a four hour nap around 12 noon. Abi takes another small cat nap around 6pm, then she's usually in bed by about 7:30 pm. We try to have Connor in bed by 8:00, but when he actually falls asleep is a mystery to us. Abi will wake up at 3:30 or thereabouts for a bottle and we start the whole thing over again.

To be completely honest, I prefer it this way (some days). I like to have alone time during the day to work on little personal projects. It's nice to have that time to myself. The only thing is that just once in a while I would really like to sleep in past 6:30 am. I know what I have to do to change this:

Shorten the kids naps and start feeding Abi rice cereal

Isn't there a way that I can get both? The kids to sleep in until, oh, I'd even take 8:00 am, take a 4 hour nap together. Yeah, it's asking for a lot. I was just reading in What to Expect the First Year that a baby Abi's age should get around 14 hours of sleep in a day. If my calculations are correct, the little ladybug gets 17 hours of sleep! I'll stop whining. I got a pretty good thing here.

Hold on, Connor wants something.....Isn't he a doll! He ran into the bedroom and wanted to take Abi out of the crib. So I let him "carry" her and he started grunting like she was too heavy. Instead I ended up carrying her with Connor leading me into the living room. I laid her on the ground next to him and he started hugging her and kissing her. They are now enjoying "The Wiggles" together. He's such a sweet boy and just adores his sister.

I feel so blessed.

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onebusylady said...

4 HOURS??? That is AMAZING. I cannot express my jealousy.

I love how Connor is so cute with his baby sister. What a good big brother.