Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Naughty Naughty

My little Conster Monster. We have been through this scenario many times. I had thought I learned my lesson. Here's how the story plays out:

We once had a huge container of pens and pencils on our desk. However, after the third time Connor drew on the front door, I eliminated the container on the desk and we now only have pens and pencils behind the baby gate in the kitchen (refer to post ).

So whenever Connor would draw on the door, I would hand him the Magic Eraser (LOVE THAT THING) and he would have to wash the drawing off of his canvas...also known as our front door. Of course, he is just two and his cleaning job isn't nearly as thorough as I had dreamed. So the remainder of his punishment was to sit against the wall opposite the door and watch while I finished cleaning it.

This particular morning,I had assumed that all writing utensils were tucked neatly into their jar, but alas, Connor discovered one hidden somewhere and helped himself to the artistry that is now on the door.

Kids, gotta love 'em!


Heather said...

Wow, good thing for the Magic Eraser!! My sister is going through the same thing with her 4 year old, he writes on everything, including the walls and couch cushions, and it's taking him a LONG time to learn not to, despite several punishments!! Good luck with that. DON'T buy any permanent markers, they're extra attractive to kids!

Brooke said...

Magic Erasers are the best. Try Color Wonder markers, they are the best invention ever. They don't write on anything else but the special paper, so it's perfect for church. :) Even if your son's naughty, he sure is a cutie pie!!
Oh, and thanks for your comments on my blog--I've taken a few little online photography classes but otherwise I just practice a TON. Thanks for your kind words! Have a great day! :)