Monday, April 2, 2007

10 year reunion!?!

Am I already that old....I don't feel that old!

My friend Emilee had just commented on a post and reminded me of our ten year reunion. Under the circumstances of how poor we are, I don't think that I will be able to make it...that is unless they make the wise decision of coming here to Hawaii.

High School...we all went. How many of you have gone to your ten year reunions? What are they like? You know in Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion...or any movie that shows a High School reunion for that matter, the people haven't changed...I don't think it is really like that. I've bumped into a few friends from high school. Everyone seems a little softer, kinder, and experienced in what is really important in life. Some people never needed to change...they have always been nice and kind (those are the ones I admired in high school, it seemed like they had a strong sense of well-being).

I think that living with roommates or on your own, having children, and holding down a decent job humbles you. It makes you realize that everyone on this earth is important and we're all here doing the same thing. It doesn't matter what sport you played, what clique you belonged to or how smart you were (or weren't). Nobody cares about that anymore. Thank goodness! I look back on high school and I don't really like who I was then. I had no idea who I was. Those teenage years are difficult.

Now I look forward (ha ha) to raising my own children during those hard teens...I threaten to send them to boarding schools, but I honestly think that I could do a better job of instilling in them self-esteem and good values than someone else.

So to answer you Em, yeah...I can believe it's been ten years. And those last ten years of my life have been great! I found myself through going to school (still plugging slowly along at that A.A.), getting married/having a BOY roommate, working as a decorator and knowing that it is still my passion, moving 8 times in 9 years, and giving birth to two of the most wonderful children on earth...and did I mention learning that we are expecting a third in November?

Happy Ten Year Reunion!


Shayna said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so excited and shocked that you are expecting your third! How are you feeling? Good Luck with your pregnancy!

Brooke said...

Congrats, Melody!!! How exciting! And yep, we are in the process of planning the 10 year reunion--maybe we SHOULD do it in Hawaii, that would be way too much fun. :)I love reading all the cute stories about your kids, and reading about your dating/wedding. Gorgeous scrapbook pages too. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Emilee said...

Whoa- that picture is crazy! What a fun memory. It's amazing how much we've all changed and grown up. You are so wise in your comments about how life's experiences really make us who we are. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and CONGRATS on your latest news. You are truly amazing!!

onebusylady said...

That was so sneaky!!! I'm so excited for you! Congrats on your impending arrival...How are you feeling? Email me when you get a chance.