Monday, April 2, 2007

Puddin' Paintings

I needed a creative activity (besides drawing on the front door) for Connor to do. While putting things away in the kitchen I saw a box of vanilla pudding and remembered when I was in kindergarten doing pudding paintings. So I whipped up the box, divided it and used those magical food colorings.

At first, Connor was not quite sure what to do with them, but eventually he really got into it. As he'd finish a drawing, he'd hand it to me and tell me what it was, "it's a bear," "it's a lion,"it's a peacock" and "it's a truck." I did a couple myself. Abi was down for a nap...I think that her hands would be more into it than Connor's and that was an extra mess I didn't want to have to deal with.

We let them dry and mailed the peacock and the truck to the grandparents and hung the tiger, the bear and my grand pieces of art in his bedroom. I hope the ones we mailed don't go moldy or anything like that on their trip across the ocean! The grandparents may not like what they get if it shows up in a different form than originally planned for.

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Emilee said...

You are so creative and fun!! I'm going to try that sometime soon. Thanks for the idea.