Monday, April 23, 2007

He can walk the walk, but won't talk the talk

Don't worry, this is totally g-rated. Connor is fully dressed.

He has all of the steps down for going potty, but has no desire to actually complete the whole process.

I will find him, seven to twelve times a day (not exaggerating), in the bathroom. He'll say, "go pee-pees". He'll crawl onto the toilet, pull off the toilet paper and "wipe". Then he'll flush the toilet, shut the lid. Wash his hands (his favorite part) and then turn off the light.

However, when I find him squatting in a corner, really doing something, I'll ask if he wants to go potty in the big boy toilet and he quickly replies, "Nope."

Someday, I am sure that when I ask him if he wants to use the toilet, he will surprise me with a "yup." When that day will all know!


onebusylady said...

Good Luck with the potty training. It is a pain but totally worth the effort. When I trained W, I let him run naked outside for a week or so. So he got used to peeing somewhere other than his diaper. With J, I stuck her on the toliet just as she was peeing in the tub one night. Once she figured out how to go without a diaper it was easy to do the rest. It sounds like Connor is totally ready, he gets the whole process, he just isn't comfortable doing it on the toilet yet! GOOD LUCK!

Emilee said...

I gave potty training an honest effort for 3-4 weeks. We did chocolates, etc. We gave up b/c she NEVER told me that she needed to go, I always just took her according to the clock. I'm giving it a few more months and we'll try again. My advice- save the frustration and wait until he's ready!!!

koryandkatie said...

Hey there! I TOTALLY agree with Emilee!! With Tyler (my oldest) he just all the sudden went one day when he was about 2 1/2 and that was it, we were done. With Josh, (the 2nd) I tried to get him to do it 2 or 3 times, with charts, prizes, treats, etc. and he was kind of like your little guy. Acted like he wanted to but then wouldn't. Well, finally about a month ago he just "got it". (He's almost 3 1/2.) My advice . . . save yourself the stress and just wait!!!

Mel said...

Thanks for those great suggestions...we'll take it slow then. No need to rush. It makes me feel better knowing that not everyone's kids are using the potty by the time they are 2 1/2.