Friday, April 20, 2007

Scrapbooking (& blogging) Makes a Good Parent

I came to this realization yesterday after Connor tried his best to obey me. I have yet to purchase the Crayola Wonder Markers and Paper that Brooke suggested I buy. Yesterday was just the shove I needed to get me into the store.

Connor was allowed to color with a marker, under the strict rules of 1)it must be on the paper 2)once he was done, he had to put the lid back on.

He returned the sheet of paper to me colored beautifully along with the marker...with the lid on! I was so excited. He actually listened to me! So I gave him another piece of paper. It had been a while since I had heard from him, so I went into the living room to check on how his newest masterpiece was turning out. He had discovered a new canvas to color on. No, it was not the door or the was himself! the title of this post. Normally I think I would have freaked out, thrown him on time-out and then helped him scrub his little arm in the tub. Instead, because of both my scrapbooking hobby and my blogging, I grabbed the camera as fast as I could to snap up some shots and instead laughed the whole incidence away (while trying to teach Connor that our body is special and we do not color on it).

We used a baby wipe to get the marker off. And now, all markers are back on off-limits until I can get to Wal-Mart to buy the kind that Connor can use safely.

I think my new motto for when the kids do things that aren't quite right (as long as it isn't injuring themselves or others) is going to be "Don't freak out, grab the camera!"

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Manda said...

Oh so funny. I agree! Messes are much funnier when you run to grab the camera instead of get upset. Now we can just wait for our kids to misbehave so we can have something to blog about.