Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I can stop nagging myself now...

Well, this morning I finally followed through with one of those projects that I keep saying I am going to do, but never really get to it. Do you want to know what it is?

I put together our family's 72 hour kit! Yee-haw! It only took me a half-hour. I just got a large duffle bag and went from room to room gathering the things we needed and thankfully, we had everything already here in our home!

So, now I feel prepared for whatever natural disaster is thrown at us. One of the reasons I felt the urge to do this was because of a high-rise fire that took place last week. It just so happened to be in the building that we were living in when we returned in January. I could not have imagined the panic that I would have felt if we had been there and I didn't have everything in a bag and ready to go.


Heather said...

Mel, I need to do that SO bad, and it's not even hard, why am I putting it off? I think it's because if we move it might get left behind...but still, bad reason to procrastinate. Way to go!

Mel said...

Thanks. Marji Benson keeps reminding us in R.S. So now I can raise my hand when she asks the question, "Do you have a 72 hour kit?"