Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"Jump Jump"

This morning, after Todd left for work, I was cleaning the kitchen (is it a never ending task, or what?) when Connor came to me and said "Jump Jump." I had no idea what he was talking about. So, I picked him up and he pointed his finger in the direction he wanted me to go.

We wound up in his dad's DVD collection and he pulled out "Nacho Libre." He couldn't be serious! So, I asked him if he wanted to watch it and he got so excited. I put in the DVD and he watched the entire thing. Weird...it just proves, he is his father's son.


Brooke said...

Um, Nacho Libre is one of Brandon's favorite movies. Along with Napoleon Dynamite! I think that's so funny!

Heather said...

Love BOTH those movies! That's hilarious that kids do too. My little nephew quotes Nacho (mexican accent and all) saying "Get that corn out of my face!...I Looked like a fool last night!" hahaha

Mel said...

I need to introduce Connor to Napoleon...I love the dancing scene the very best. He's started singing "bubble-gum, bubble-gum, bubble-gum, bubble-gum for me."