Monday, April 9, 2007

Foiled Plans

So, this weekend was one of those that I had great plans and a detailed schedule to follow. Of course, Murphy’s Law kicked into gear and things got changed a bit. Here is how it all played out on Saturday:

7am, hit Wal-Mart before the crowds do to start my Easter shopping. Main goal of the day, keep kids out of the house so Todd can do homework.

8am, head out to Aiea and deliver soup to sick friend, Miranda

9am, stop by Scrapbook Clubhouse to cash in on their great sale and buy paper to re-do the ugly pages in wedding album.

10am, go to Pearlridge to find kids Easter outfits and have their picture taken with the Easter Bunny (friend Magali is the photographer).

12pm, bring kids home for naps and let Todd take the van to run an errand for church.

2:30pm, head to Kailua for Simeon’s 5th Birthday party.

7pm, bring kids home and get them ready for bed

7am, hit Wal-Mart. Discovered the crowds had already taken all but one package of the plastic eggs and there were no Cadbury Mini-Eggs left.

8am, head back home so friend can use van to take his family to the airport.

9am, put in Toy Story for my sanity. Connor was being cranky.

10am, Abi goes down for a nap.

12pm, Todd takes van to run church errand, Connor refuses to take a nap, so I let Toy Story run again.

2:30pm, persuaded Todd to forget his homework and come with me to the Birthday Party. I can’t do it alone. Todd suggests that I call a friend to take the kids for a few hours after the party so we can go out and spend a few hours alone together. I do. The party is fun, they have an Easter Egg hunt, Connor doesn’t get it. He walks right past all of the eggs.

7pm, drop the kids off at the Yadao’s. Walk the entirety of Ala Moana Shopping Center, try on 4 dresses, none of which look good on me. We did, however, find cute Easter clothes for the kids.

8pm, stop by Ross’, find the perfect Easter outfit

8:30pm, run into Payless Shoes to get Connor and myself some Sunday shoes.

9pm Pick up happy and exhausted kids from the Yadao’s.

The great thing, Abi and Connor slept the whole night in their own room! I slept like a log. Maybe Abi did wake up for her nightly feeding and I was so tired, I just didn’t hear her. Oh well, she’s still fat.

Sunday morning came and I had great plans for that day to, here is how it was supposed to go:


6am, Fix waffles for breakfast

7am, get dinner in the crock-pot

8am, shower and get myself ready

9am, get the kids dressed and ready

10am, pack stuff for church

11am, Visit Norman

12pm, Choir practice

1pm, Church

4:30pm. Easter Dinner

5:30pm, Easter Egg Hunt

8pm, Kids bed time


6am, fixed waffled for breakfast. Todd informed me that they weren’t “crunchy” enough.

7am, cleaned up breakfast and got dinner in the crock pot and straightened house

8am, exhausted. I took a nap.

9am, Connor wakes me up. I put in Toy Story so that I can take a shower and get ready

10am, Bathed Connor and Abi and got them all dolled up in their Easter Outfits.

10:30am, Abi starts getting fussy, so I lay her down, she takes a nap

11am, Connor starts getting cranky. I call Norman and apologize that we won’t be visiting him.

11:30am, start Toy Story over again, Connor falls asleep five minutes into it.
Todd and I debate as to what we should do. I suggest that I stay home and take a nap with the kids. He reminds me that it never works out. I either clean instead of sleep, or if I do sleep, the kids radar tells them to wake up as soon as I dose off. So he shoes me off to choir practice and he stays home with the kids (and does some homework that he didn’t get to do yesterday).

12pm, choir practice

1pm, church. Just what I needed! Spiritually uplifting and glorifying. I didn’t have to take any kids out during sacrament meeting or snuggle with a little one during Relief Society. I didn’t know what to do with my hands!

4:30pm, Serve up Easter dinner. It is delicious. Todd asks me to make more ham next time. I think “fix it yourself next time). But he was right, it did need more ham.

5:30pm, Easter Egg Hunt. It was a blast and Connor finally got it!

Diamond Head was our backdrop for the event.

8pm, brought the happy and exhausted kids home. Played with kids for a while and then got them ready and into bed.

Wouldn’t you know it, those two little kids made it through another whole night sleeping in their own beds! Is this too good to be true? Is it going to continue?

So I learned that even though things don’t always go as planned, they always work out. Sure, no one got to see Connor look so handsome in his new Easter Duds, and Abi look like a little princess. Todd didn’t get nearly the amount of homework done that he had planned, but I surely appreciated his help and companionship. But it all came together and it was a wonderful weekend.


Heather said...

Yay for a wonderful weekend!! That's amazing that they are sleeping through the night, wow!!

onebusylady said...

I'm glad you had a great weekend. You are beautiful by the way, I LOVE your hair like that!

Both connor and Abi look darling in their Easter clothes!

Emilee said...

I love the Easter clothes- on all 3 of you! Your hair is perfect that way- so sassy :). It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one with great plans that turn into unexpected 'great' plans.

onebusylady said...

PS--you accomplish more in one day than I get done in a WEEK!