Friday, April 6, 2007

Compare & Contrast

Yesterday the kids each had check-ups at the doctors. I do not like those days, especially when shots are involved! I keep telling myself that "next time, Todd has to take them." But I never follow through with it.

Abi had her 6 month check-up and as soon as I got home, I immediately pulled out Connor's old medical records to see how her progress compares to Connor. I don't mean to "compare" the two, as they are entirely different, but it is fun to see just how different they are especially when everyone claims that Abi is so big. I am proud to announce that Abi is smaller than Connor was! They may have reached the same height by six months, but Connor had Abi beat by 2 pounds.

Connor, bless his little heart, had to have his blood taken. You see, before we left Hawaii in 2005, we lived in a building that was very old and being torn down. His lead level was very high and even though we have since moved from the building, they wanted to check his lead level again. So, I had to hold down my poor little buddies body and make sure that he didn't move his arm...all while telling him to "relax, it will make the blood come out faster." No fun. He hates band-aids. He's claustrophobic of them, but he must have really good blood, because it clotted quickly and he didn't bleed all over the place once all was said and done.

Abi had to have shots too...I had high hopes she would be a strong girl and not cry, but who am I kidding. She held her breath and then let out that sad little wail that babies do when they have been hit by a toy that their brother threw.

Good news...Connor doesn't have to have another shot until he is 4. Bad news...Abi gets another dose in 3 months.

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Heather said...

Cute pictures!! I didn't know Connor when he was that little. That's cool that Abi is smaller than he was! Shots must be hard, but I'm glad Connor is okay with that lead-bit.