Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spaghetti Factory (part 3)

This is really just a HUGE thank you to my little sister. She is a regular at reading the blog. Here is just one of those reasons why I love her.

Yesterday, there was a call from the front desk letting us know that there was a package to be picked up from UPS. Todd asked me "Did you order some scrapbooking stuff?" I asked him, "Did you order some computer stuff?"

Todd ventured downstairs and brought up this very thin package. At first I thought it had something bad in it, you know, like tax stuff saying we had to return our return. Todd opened it up and I saw may name on it, and ripped it out of his hand. I felt like I had just gotten the Golden Ticket!

A gift card to the Spaghetti Factory!!!

Suzy loves me. So, if ever you wonder what to get a tired pregnant woman who can't stand to eat the own food she cooks (first trimester thing), get her a gift card to the place that fills her craving.

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